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Day of Saint Ezekiel, April 10. Names for children

Ezekiel is a name for a child of Hebrew origin that means "he who has the strength of God". It refers to the prophet Ezekiel, so it is a name with a strong religious connotation. Although it is not one of the most frequent names, Ezequiel continues to sound very familiar and is not outdated. He cele

Day of Saint Edgar, July 8. Names for children

Edgar is a name for a child of Germanic origin that means "he who protects his land". It is a name of exceptional beauty and meaning that may be perfect for your child. Although not one of the most frequent names, Edgar evokes tadition and at the same time maintains all the freshness and originality

The lion and the hare. Aesop's fable for children

Fables are generally short stories that are characterized by providing a teaching . They are perfect for instilling children with values ​​through animated characters that will provide them with fun moments. On this occasion we invite you to discover the fable of Aesop "The lion and the hare". Throu

When children play with other children, what to do?

What happens when the touching occurs with other children? The advice of the psychologist Mónica Poblador on child masturbation. See all videos with tips for sex education of children


How to distribute the furniture in the baby's room

If you have already planned the decoration of the baby's room, we will begin to distribute the furniture to ensure that the space is well used and safe for our baby. The first thing is to think about the elements that we will need to distribute , taking into account our needs, the available space an

Ideas for decorating themed rooms for children

If you are thinking of preparing a thematic room for your son or daughter, it is probably no longer a baby. Generally these types of rooms are decorated thinking of the child's taste, when they have a child character, hobby or a hobby that they are passionate about. The resources you have to recreat

Chromotherapy or color therapy in children

Do you know that colors can influence our mood ? And of course, also in our baby. So in we are going to tell you what sensations are capable of causing the basic colors so that you have it in mind when decorating your baby's room. What each color brings to the baby's mood Here are s

Tips to remove marker spots from the wall of the nursery

If there is something children have, it is innocence, and above all, freedom. Although parents try to put a series of limits to be met, sometimes they are skipped precisely because they are free souls. And that happens many times when they have at hand a marker, a tempera or something to paint, and


Capricorn sign parents

If you are a Capricorn sign dad and you want to know what are the general characteristics of parents born under this sign of the zodiac, in GuiaInfantil we tell you about it. And is that mothers are not the only ones to consult the horoscope, since astrology also worries, and much, parents . Both me

Horoscope for the babies of the sign Pig

There are several traditions about astrology, and one of the best known horoscopes is that of China. The Chinese New Year marks which animal will correspond that year and how the children will be born. Some character traits of children are already marked from birth. Does the character of your baby P

The pancakes. Song to play with the hands of the baby

The pancakes is a short traditional song to play with the hands of baby, and learn to discover parts of your body little by little. Through this song we can play with the baby and encourage fun learning, which will serve as the basis for future teaching, as well as being a nice way to interact and e

Indian legend of how the white Nenufar was born

The American Indians had beautiful legends that explained the whys of nature . Everything they did not understand was explained to young people and children through precious stories that were passed on from generation to generation. This is the legend of how the "white water lilies" were born. Do yo