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What to do if the child has a regressive behavior

The baby pee again after several months of not wearing diapers; He spoke like a baby when he was already able to articulate several sentences, that rejecting food that he ate without problem can be symptoms in the child of what is known as regressive behavior. It means a kind of backward movement in

The good and the bad of being an only child

Between 20 and 30% of the world's parents decide to have only one child. The reasons can be very diverse: from the separation of parents, through a more comfortable economy, sterility, work ... to the prohibition of having more than one child in countries like China. There has always been controvers

Table to measure our level of stress with children

Stress is one of the great enemies of human communication. When it appears, the good flow of our thoughts blocks us and this affects our quality of life, affecting the people around us. Your consequences can become very important if you are dealing with children and, more specifically, if these chil

Children prefer cartoons

What do your children prefer to watch on television? In my house, children prefer cartoons. And is that despite the series and contests try to make a dent in children's programming, as warned by the report Kids TV Report of the Eurodata TV Worldwide panel of the consulting firm Médiamétrie, of all g


How to make the room of the child a place of fable

Today we want to propose a new theme of decoration with which to help you to make your child's room become a dream place where you can live your own adventures. Using your imagination you can make your room look like an enchanted forest, a spaceship or a pirate ship sailing the seas. How to decorate

Crib or baby cot for the baby

Many doubts arise when you are preparing your baby's bedroom. One of the most common is to choose between a crib or a mini-cot . What to do? We want our baby to have a good rest, to feel safe and at the same time to be a comfortable and lasting piece. Both cribs and mini-cribs have their advantages

Decorate the children's room with vinyl

Vinyl is in fashion! And there are so many different models and styles that the biggest problem you will have when using them will be to choose one. We are going to give you tips on how to place them and how to remove them if you have already placed them for a long time. And we'll also explain how y

The lighting in the baby's room

Do you know that adequate lighting in the bedroom is essential to achieve that relaxing and comfortable environment that your baby will need? The lighting of a children's room does not differ much from that of another bedroom in the house. In addition to being a functional element it is still an imp


Which candle goes off first. Science experiments for children

Do you want to learn science with children? Making home experiments is one of the funniest activities we can share with the kids in the house. A mix between magic and education that you can get with just a few candles and a glass jar. Playing and learning are ideas that come together in this fun exp

Short poem for children. The joyful broom

Reading has countless benefits for children. Poetry, too. When children are very young, the rhyme is an excellent vehicle to bring them closer to reading and literature. We propose to read your son poetry, short poems like this one, to stimulate in him the habit of reading. In this case, in addition

Pirate crafts for children

Children love pirates. In order for them to become feared pirates like the characters in the movies 'Pirates of the Caribbean' or 'Peter Pan', has prepared very homemade and easy-to-make crafts. In addition, they are ideal for organizing a pirate birthday party with your children's

Cupcakes and donuts with socks. Recycling crafts

Sure that at home you have some unpaired sock or a pair of those old socks that are already little use. In we propose you to recycle them and to elaborate with them original complements for the kitchen set of your children. It's about making original cupcakes and colorful donuts wit