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Videos to learn how to count in several languages ​​

Learning to count is one of the most beautiful stages in a child's education. And doing it in different languages ​​can very positive in your intellectual development since it helps to stimulate your memory. In Guiainfantil we have selected five videos for your children to learn with Traposo from 1

Myths of children with high abilities

What does it mean to be a child with high abilities? A current problem that affects children with high abilities, their identification and hinders the educational attention they receive, are the myths about what it means to be highly capable. There is a lot of ignorance on the subject and also gener

How much does it cost to have a baby in Chile

Bringing a baby to the world is a reason for joy, although their arrival also brings with it a series of initial expenses that should be taken into account to avoid subsequent scares. In Chile each family spends approximately million and a half pesos throughout the first year of the baby. This figur

5 Ideas for children to learn to be patient

The patience or the ability to wait is a value that can and should be taught to children from the earliest age. Patience is a virtue and a skill that will help children to coexist adequately with others, to be calm, to avoid nervousness, stress and impulsivity, among other things. Many parents ask w


6 Tips to decorate a safe room for the baby

When preparing our baby's room we must not forget a series of recommendations that will help us grow in a safe space. And, to create an environment free of danger, is essential when decorating a room, since in the end it is the place where a small child will sleep and play. To protect you from possi

Ideas for decorating the wall of the baby's room

To decorate the walls in the baby's room we have a wide variety of elements that will facilitate the task. The problem comes when choosing what to put and how to arrange it so that it is not overloaded or excessively "bland". Elements to decorate the baby's room These are some of the decorative elem

Tips to start decorating the baby's room

One of the moments that most excites us is certainly to start decorating our baby's room. The first thing to do to change or create a space for the baby's rest is to think about how you want the bedroom to be. Steps to decorate the baby's room There are some basic and simple guidelines that must be

The Montessori method to decorate the child's room

Many times we prepare the arrival of the baby and we go crazy buying an infinity of things so that he feels comfortable in his new home. However, there is something that we are not doing quite well in terms of conditioning the environment of the little ones. The Montessori method is based on an envi


Home tricks for fluid retention in pregnancy

There are many pregnant women who suffer discomfort in their body throughout the nine months of pregnancy. Pregnancy is a long process that generates many changes in a woman's body, and one of the problems that many future mothers suffer from responds to fluid retention. This involves an extra volum

Benefits of skateboarding for children

Practicing skateboarding can bring many benefits to the little ones . From the age of 4, children begin to enjoy the use of skateboarding combining fun and sports, as well as becoming a means of transport. 10 benefits of using the skateboard or skateboard for children Among the advantages that we ca

5 Weeks of pregnancy

You are in the fifth week of pregnancy. Even the changes in your body are not perceptible to the people around you, but inside you a baby grows and develops. In this new stage of your life, a journey of 40 weeks awaits you in which you will live a whole host of changes and sensations. Here you will

Have a biological child and adopt

Sometimes a family decides that the time has come to grow and have a new member, how? Well, having a child that can be biological or adopted. Adoption is one more form of paternity or maternity and, therefore, a decision of you and / or your partner if that is the case. It is normal for you to ask y