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When the child has too many Christmas gifts

Soon Santa Claus and the Magi will be loaded with gifts for children who have been good and have been good during the year. During these dates, children are filled with gifts and toys , so many that, in most cases, we can say that they are too many. Sometimes, children receive such a large amount of

6 Tips to help babies walk

After 12 months, most babies are ready to walk. Some are released fast. Others, however, find it difficult to take their first steps. Maybe because of insecurity or simply because they need to be encouraged. As soon as you notice that your child already has the ability to stand for a long time witho

Games to help children overcome the fear of noise

Children usually pass a stage in which fears can be the protagonists, this happens during the years that imagination begins to be very involved in the child's life It is especially after 5 years and during early childhood when fears can make children fear darkness, noise or other circumstances. We s

Children who become very shy as they grow

All children have their own personality. There are those who are extroverted, there are timid, there are unruly or quiet. Whatever their way of being, adults should not try to force the behavior of the children. Throughout their development, children change their way of reacting to situations. It ca


How to decorate children's bedrooms with sloping ceilings

Do you have a loft and want to use it as a children's or youth bedroom? We give you a series of ideas and recommendations for your decoration. These bedrooms have a very special charm due to the special light that enters through the large windows in the ceiling, the different heights and the sloping

Tips to remove marker spots from the wall of the nursery

If there is something children have, it is innocence, and above all, freedom. Although parents try to put a series of limits to be met, sometimes they are skipped precisely because they are free souls. And that happens many times when they have at hand a marker, a tempera or something to paint, and

The lighting in the baby's room

Do you know that adequate lighting in the bedroom is essential to achieve that relaxing and comfortable environment that your baby will need? The lighting of a children's room does not differ much from that of another bedroom in the house. In addition to being a functional element it is still an imp

Tips to start decorating the baby's room

One of the moments that most excites us is certainly to start decorating our baby's room. The first thing to do to change or create a space for the baby's rest is to think about how you want the bedroom to be. Steps to decorate the baby's room There are some basic and simple guidelines that must be


Getting pregnant with twins or twins

Being pregnant with twins or twins in a multiple pregnancy is a special event because the odds are slim. Only 1 or 2 of every 100 pregnancies is multiple, and getting pregnant with two or more babies depends on several factors. Chance is one of those variables, but the use of fertility techniques, g

Hush little baby. Traposo's Cradle Song

Lullaby songs, popularly known as nanas , are small musical compositions created with the aim of soothing, relaxing and sleeping babies. Children, when they hear the voice of their mother, tend to relax in a pleasant way, so whispering these beautiful verses in their ears is the best solution to mak

The rhino drum. Songs to learn

In we propose a fun way for children to learn to differentiate musical instruments and know how each one sounds. With the rhinoceros drum children can learn more about percussion. This song from "El Zoo de Musicaeduca" children will learn by playing. Lyrics of the song The rhinocero

Little red riding hood. Short stories with rhymes

Little Red Riding Hood is a fairy tale written by Charles Perrault in 1697. There have been innumerable adaptations of this classic, so much so that there is even a version of a poem about Caperutica written by Francisco Villaespesa. The poems are ideal to enhance the child's memory, improve their v