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Names of famous singers for children

The influences when choosing the name of your baby are very varied. From continuing with the family tradition until choosing a rare name there is a wide range of possibilities. One of them is the name of famous singers. You can look at current celebrities or famous singers to choose a modern name wi

6 Reasons why teachers reprimand students

What child has not the teacher reprimanded in class? Even the most studious, calm and responsible at a certain moment have been reprimanded by the teacher either for speaking, for not participating or for having the mind on another planet. Let's not say children who are more restless or unruly. When

The sense of ridicule in children

Shame, shyness, the sense of ridicule are interconnected feelings that begin to experience around the first years and evolve during development. They appear as evolutionary mechanisms that help children adapt to the novel. Why children have a sense of ridicule Certain situations in a child's life ca

How to inculcate common sense in children

Instill common sense to children is a task that every father and mother tries to carry out during the entire evolutionary process of their children, starting in the earliest childhood until reaching the complex adolescence , moment in which we will continue asking our children, more than ever, to ma


Decorate the children's room with vinyl

Vinyl is in fashion! And there are so many different models and styles that the biggest problem you will have when using them will be to choose one. We are going to give you tips on how to place them and how to remove them if you have already placed them for a long time. And we'll also explain how y

Carpets in babies' and children's rooms

Carpets are an excellent decorative element since in addition to their aesthetic value they provide comfort. They are good thermal and acoustic insulation because they isolate the cold and absorb sound. The versatility that carpets offer us when decorating, simply changing shape or color allows us a

Crib or baby cot for the baby

Many doubts arise when you are preparing your baby's bedroom. One of the most common is to choose between a crib or a mini-cot . What to do? We want our baby to have a good rest, to feel safe and at the same time to be a comfortable and lasting piece. Both cribs and mini-cribs have their advantages

5 Tips to choose the color of the baby's room

How exciting! true? You're waiting for your baby and you're going to start decorating your room. You have so much enthusiasm and so eager to get down to work that you do not know where to start. You have seen many magazines, images, shop windows and now the moment of truth arrives. We will try to he


Crafts for children with cardboard

Boxes, milk briks, rolls ... There are a lot of cardboard elements at our fingertips that can become the best material for making children's crafts. In we show you how to transform a simple cardboard box into a castle, a costume or a truck. It's about making easy and cheap recycling

Hansel and Gretel. Children's story in English

Traditional children's stories contain messages that continue to be useful in educating children about values. For example, the story by Hansel and Gretel teaches children not to trust strangers. In addition, if we read this story in English we can teach children to read in other languages, improvin

The North Wind and the Sun. Aesop's Fables for Children

Aesop's fables are very popular among children, as they are short and entertaining. In children's stories children will find valuable lessons that serve to educate values ​​such as honesty or solidarity. Children's stories help to develop the imagination and creativity of your children With the fabl

How to make, step by step, a monkey mask

Fun drawings of animal masks and characters to color with children. You can print, color and trim the mask and use it to complete an ideal costume for a Carnival or Halloween party. Follow the steps to learn how to draw this Carnival mask that you can then color with your children. You can also prin