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Cooperation or collaboration. Educate children in values ​​

What is cooperation ? How can you explain to a child what it means to collaborate? Cooperation or collaboration is the task of helping and serving, in a disinterested way, others. For children to be collaborating and cooperating people, it is necessary that we develop a generous, supportive and altr

Remove the baby's diaper according to the Montessori philosophy

The removal of the baby's diaper is a challenge for many parents, however, most of the children adapt without problems after a period of adaptation, as long as, for Of course the time has come and the child is ready. How to remove the diaper to babies? What methods work? There are many theories and

Educate children in values: the value of forgiveness

Sometimes it is difficult and sometimes too simple to be honest. We speak of forgiveness in children, of the need to teach them to sincerely apologize, to recognize their error and to try to correct the damage. We talk about educating children in values, values ​​as important as forgiveness. Why tea

Why babies cry without tears

When you hear your baby cry, the logical thing is that you run to see what you need. Surely it is strange for you to see that your baby is falling prey to an intense crying and, nevertheless, does not release a tear . Is it a weeping cry? Many parents think so. But lying or not, the truth is that wh


How to make the room of the child a place of fable

Today we want to propose a new theme of decoration with which to help you to make your child's room become a dream place where you can live your own adventures. Using your imagination you can make your room look like an enchanted forest, a spaceship or a pirate ship sailing the seas. How to decorate

Crib or baby cot for the baby

Many doubts arise when you are preparing your baby's bedroom. One of the most common is to choose between a crib or a mini-cot . What to do? We want our baby to have a good rest, to feel safe and at the same time to be a comfortable and lasting piece. Both cribs and mini-cribs have their advantages

Where to place the study table of the child according to Feng Shui

If you want to achieve a harmonious environment for children to study, in we give you a series of tips according to the philosophy of Feng Shui; An ancient Chinese art that aims to organize our home, creating cozy and comfortable spaces. One aspect to consider in order to create an

Types of children's beds

When choosing the bed for the children's room you can choose between different types of models that can fit in the space available. The measurements are basically standard. Generally the most used measure is that which has a mattress base 90cm wide and 190cm long. If you have little space you can al


A hunter and a dog. Child's Fable of Phaedrus

If you are looking for fables, short stories or legends with which to teach your children valuable life lessons, advises you the fable of Phaedrus, 'A hunter and a dog'. When you want to teach your children that they should take care of the person who has helped them to the end, thi

How to improve the relationship with your ex-partner when there are children involved

How to have a good relationship with your ex-partner when there are children involved? This topic is one of the most worrying parents. It is clear that if you were not able to understand when you were married it will still be more difficult to do so when you are divorced. There are many issues to de

The symphony. Song to play with baby's fingers

Interaction with the baby and teaching him how his little hands or fingers are is very important to motivate the baby from a very early age. But in addition to motivating our baby and having fun together, it makes us have more empathy with him. Simple games with parts of your body are good for stimu

The cloud that loves me the most Poems for children

The cloud that loves me most' is a poem written by Joan Dueñas and is ideal for reading to children inv and inviting them to imagine, dream and think. Poetry is a very important literary genre for children, it is present almost without them noticing from birth, and that lullabies and lullabies are