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The most popular names in El Salvador for girls

All parents want a special name for their girls, so choosing the name is sometimes so difficult. Following the family tradition, choosing a simple name or getting carried away by fashions are some of the most useful options when looking for a name. In El Salvador they are clear that they prefer thei

10 Russian names for children

If your baby is going to be a child, we propose ten different and original names of Russian origin that maybe you can be convinced. They are rare names, have a strong sonority and different meanings linked to different characteristics related to personality or physical or psychic abilities. In the m

How to help children accept criticism

Helping children to accept criticism in a positive way is essential for their proper emotional development. Understanding the failures, frustrations or disappointments that can accompany a criticism and seeing them as an opportunity to reflect and change will allow them to make better decisions in t

10 Names for popular children in Mexico in 2016

You may already have a clear idea of ​​your child's name, but most families take their time before choosing the baby's name, so we want to give you some ideas with the most beautiful names. A good idea is to look at the trends in the names of each country. The most popular names for children in Mexi


How to decorate a room with twins or twins

Twins wait! What a great news! Double joy, double responsibility and double concern when decorating your bedroom? Do not believe it, it's not that complicated. It is very important to take into account one essential factor: functionality. Think that there are elements that are going to be shared lik

Chromotherapy or color therapy in children

Do you know that colors can influence our mood ? And of course, also in our baby. So in we are going to tell you what sensations are capable of causing the basic colors so that you have it in mind when decorating your baby's room. What each color brings to the baby's mood Here are s

How to distribute the furniture in the baby's room

If you have already planned the decoration of the baby's room, we will begin to distribute the furniture to ensure that the space is well used and safe for our baby. The first thing is to think about the elements that we will need to distribute , taking into account our needs, the available space an

Types of paintings for children's rooms

We have already talked on other occasions about how to choose the color of the walls of children's bedrooms. Today we talk about the types of paint we can use to decorate our children's rooms. Painting is a decorating technique that can also be easy, quite inexpensive. We can renew the appearance of


The cuckoo and the butterfly. Poem for children with rhyme

We invite you to read this beautiful poem for children with rhymes with your children. It's about the story of a cuckoo looking for his friend the butterfly. The little bird had to go from place to place and from animal to animal until he could find the mischievous butterfly. Can you imagine where h

Coloring pages with children to learn

Fun educational coloring pictures with children. Print these free learning images so that your children can develop their artistic abilities while they enjoy painting. You can use this drawing to decorate your children's room and to teach them general culture. Selection of drawings of to learn that

Carnival crafts for children

Children love to dress up and Carnival is a perfect time to do it. You do not need to invest a lot of money in costumes and accessories, with these ideas that te te offers you and you want to make homemade crafts, you can create your own costumes at home. We teach you how to make ha

The friends of the duck. Poem for children about friendship

Making friends, learning how to care for them, listening to them and supporting them in good times and bad times is one of the learning that children have to acquire in order to cultivate friendship, something so important in life. In order for your children to begin to appreciate the fundamentals o