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Very precocious children could have high abilities

Maturation is a process by which children grow and develop until reaching the peak point. This process is not something rigid that must occur "because it touches", but it depends on the child's own rhythm of maturity, the education received or even the social environment in which he lives. Due to th

Modern names for children

Some parents prefer to choose traditional names for their children, because they are guaranteed by their popularity and familiarity. However, other parents opt for original names or modern names that follow current trends. A modern name can bring a lot of personality to your child. That's why we hav

How to remove skin spots after childbirth

Many pregnant women have a problem when they are expecting a baby: unexpected skin spots appear . Depending on our dermis, we will be more or less likely to appear, but it is true that pregnancy is a stage prone to this happening. To know how to las prevent spots when we wait for a baby, it is neces

Calendar of the names of saints of July

Choose a name of saint for your baby among the many names of saints that are celebrated in the month of July . In order to help you choose a name for your baby, has prepared this precious Calendar of saints with names of saints for each day of the month of July. On each calendar dat


How to decorate children's bedrooms for three

When we have to furnish a bedroom to be shared by three children, the first thing that worries us is the location of the beds since they are the pieces of furniture with more wingspan. Most of the solutions we have are designed so that during the day a game or study space can be available. Tips for

Carpets in babies' and children's rooms

Carpets are an excellent decorative element since in addition to their aesthetic value they provide comfort. They are good thermal and acoustic insulation because they isolate the cold and absorb sound. The versatility that carpets offer us when decorating, simply changing shape or color allows us a

Decorate the baby's room. The curtains

The choice of curtains for a children's room is not much different than for another room in the house. There are two important factors to consider. On the one hand the natural light that enters through the window and on the other the size of the bedroom. We can also consider the color and decorative

Decorate a baby room with little money

It's time to start decorating your baby's room. We may have seen magazines, visited some stores, liked the rooms other babies or we know how we want to distribute it. We have all the illusion of the world and eager to get down to work, but our budget is limited. What can we do? With a little imagina


Catrina makeup. Halloween Crafts

La Catrina or the Mexican Skull, is one of the most emblematic characters on the Day of the Dead. In we teach you to elaborate it in a very simple way so that your children can disguise themselves on Halloween . To make this makeup for Halloween or for a children's party, it is impo

Language twisters for children with the letter D

The tongue twisters, as they say in some countries, are fun word games in which children have to put their best linguistic skills into action. They have multiple benefits for children, because, through these word games, children improve their vocalization , activate their memory and concentration, m

The sailor dances. Children's lyrics

Do you want your children to learn the parts of the human body in a very funny way? We propose that you sing and dance with them the song The sailor dances . With it you can learn where the elbow, shoulders, knee or feet are. A song that our pet brings you, the Bear Traposo. Video with the bear Trap

School of puppies. Cri Cri song for children

Cri Cri is actually Francisco Gabilondo Soler, a Mexican singer who dedicated many of his melodies and lyrics to the youngest members of the house. It is also known as the 'Grillito cantor'. Escuela 'Puppy School' is a song about school. The students, in this case, are dogs. A very fun way to introd