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Assertiveness in children

The development and growth of our children does not only include physical abilities, but it is very important to take care of mental health and social education of the children. Assertiveness is a concept related to the social skills of people that must be taken into account when educating children

Baby names that are born in February

Child astrology can help you choose your baby's name. If you want a name that fits your personality, you can guide you through the month of your birth or by your zodiac sign. We have some perfect names for babies born in February. 10 names for babies born in February Babies born in February can be o

Children with a lot of personality and talent that shine from small

When you enjoy doing something and also have a special talent to do it well, success is assured . And it's not something reserved for the elderly. It is a universal law that does not understand age or any other condition. That is why, when a child discovers his talent and feels free to express it, h

10 Games and activities to stimulate children's skills

In we have collected ten games that will be very useful for parents and educators who want to stimulate the children's skills with activities. With chess, painting, music, origami or theater, our children can acquire skills such as concentration or interpretation and values ​​such a


6 Tips to decorate a safe room for the baby

When preparing our baby's room we must not forget a series of recommendations that will help us grow in a safe space. And, to create an environment free of danger, is essential when decorating a room, since in the end it is the place where a small child will sleep and play. To protect you from possi

Decorate a baby room with little money

It's time to start decorating your baby's room. We may have seen magazines, visited some stores, liked the rooms other babies or we know how we want to distribute it. We have all the illusion of the world and eager to get down to work, but our budget is limited. What can we do? With a little imagina

Chromotherapy or color therapy in children

Do you know that colors can influence our mood ? And of course, also in our baby. So in we are going to tell you what sensations are capable of causing the basic colors so that you have it in mind when decorating your baby's room. What each color brings to the baby's mood Here are s


That will occupy our baby's room. In it you will spend many hours sleeping, especially the first months, so it is very important to choose a model that is both safe to avoid accidents and comfortable to facilitate your rest. I give you 6 tips to choose the baby's crib properly. How to choose the rig


Videos of science experiments for children with eggs

Children can learn about scientific principles through books, something that can bore them or through fun experiments that can be done at home, always with the help of an adult. We propose you to carry out some simple experiments of fun science made with eggs. You can teach the children how to cook

The lesson of a 6-year-old girl to her mother

If I can be good, I think we can all be good'. It is the phrase of Tiana , a little philosopher of 6 years, who one day surprised her mother with this speech, clear, direct and well organized. Tiana had seen her parents arguing (her mother is a single mother) and wanted to ask her something: 'I wan

Pilates for postpartum recovery

The postpartum or puerperium is the time that elapses until the woman returns to the state she had before pregnancy. During this time, the physiological, anatomical and endocrine changes that occurred during pregnancy will gradually return to normal. The type of birth that has taken place, condition

The North Wind and the Sun. Aesop's Fables for Children

Aesop's fables are very popular among children, as they are short and entertaining. In children's stories children will find valuable lessons that serve to educate values ​​such as honesty or solidarity. Children's stories help to develop the imagination and creativity of your children With the fabl