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One of these phases, the pródromos period or latency of delivery is especially stressful for the couple. Prodromes of childbirth comprise the period from the first change in the cervix until it has a dilation of about 3-4 cm, with effective contractions. The first phase of labor contractions This ph

Calendar of names of saints of April

Choose a name of saint for your baby among the many names of saints that are celebrated in the month of April. In order to help you choose a name for your baby, has prepared this precious Calendar of saints with names of saints for each day of the month of April. On each calendar da

Day of Saint Ricardo, April 3. Names for children

Ricardo is a name for a child of Germanic origin which means 'brave king' . It is a name that denotes firmness and distinction, so it can be perfect for your child. Although it is not one of the most frequent names, its use is neither outdated nor eccentric, so it is ideal if you want to flee from s

Saint Lucrezia Day, November 23. Names for girls

Lucrecia is a name for a girl of Latin origin that means "the one who wins". It is a strong name with great strength and beauty that can be perfect for your daughter. Although it is not one of the most frequent names, its use is not strange and in recent times it is gaining popularity. He celebrates


Tips to start decorating the baby's room

One of the moments that most excites us is certainly to start decorating our baby's room. The first thing to do to change or create a space for the baby's rest is to think about how you want the bedroom to be. Steps to decorate the baby's room There are some basic and simple guidelines that must be

Chromotherapy or color therapy in children

Do you know that colors can influence our mood ? And of course, also in our baby. So in we are going to tell you what sensations are capable of causing the basic colors so that you have it in mind when decorating your baby's room. What each color brings to the baby's mood Here are s

Types of paintings for children's rooms

We have already talked on other occasions about how to choose the color of the walls of children's bedrooms. Today we talk about the types of paint we can use to decorate our children's rooms. Painting is a decorating technique that can also be easy, quite inexpensive. We can renew the appearance of

How to distribute the furniture in the baby's room

If you have already planned the decoration of the baby's room, we will begin to distribute the furniture to ensure that the space is well used and safe for our baby. The first thing is to think about the elements that we will need to distribute , taking into account our needs, the available space an


A love without mistake. Children's stories to learn

How can we teach children the use of 'b' and 'v'? brings you a children's story with which you can help your child with homework and teach him to write without misspellings. Many adults get confused when writing, so it is very normal for children to make mistakes when they have to p

In vitro fertilization. Frequently asked questions

The desire to be a mother is truncated in many cases before the impossibility of achieving pregnancy dreamed. More and more women are having problems when looking for a child. The delay of age in which the mother considers her first pregnancy also has to do with all this, but there are many other fa

The firefly and the toad. Short story for children

Fables are traditional short stories that teach us social and civic values. They were very popular in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, but their morals have come to this day as one of the best options to educate children about moral values. The firefly and the toad , is a short fable that rem

The little fingers. Song to play with the babies' fingers

The little fingers is a game to teach the baby's fingers . A game so that parents can encourage the baby's learning and discover their fingers and hands. It is a good system to be able to approach our baby and empathize with him. To play The little fingers , we must ask the child to open his little