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Saint Lucio's Day, February 18. Names for children

Lucio is a name for a child of Latin origin meaning "light". Although it is not a name as frequent as his female Lucia, it is perfect for your child, especially if born with the first light of the morning, thus following the tradition of putting this name to all children born with the dawn. Celebrat

Names for boys and girls of fantastic stories

Literature is always a good source of inspiration for choosing the name of the baby. Apart from the classic works, in fantastic literature we can find original and beautiful names for boys and girls, names with personality and that are also fashionable. Baby names inspired by fantastic literature pr


They are children who do not have patience and do not know how to wait. This attitude makes us lose patience to parents and, many times, we end up punishing and screaming at children. But, how can we prevent the child from interrupting constantly? 5 guidelines to prevent your child from interrupting

Baby names that are born in August

Which suits your personality is the main desire of the parents when choosing the name of the baby. But how to know in advance the character of the baby? Child astrology can help us a lot because, according to the month of birth, the baby will have certain characteristics determined by his zodiac sig


How to decorate children's bedrooms for three

When we have to furnish a bedroom to be shared by three children, the first thing that worries us is the location of the beds since they are the pieces of furniture with more wingspan. Most of the solutions we have are designed so that during the day a game or study space can be available. Tips for

Types of children's beds

When choosing the bed for the children's room you can choose between different types of models that can fit in the space available. The measurements are basically standard. Generally the most used measure is that which has a mattress base 90cm wide and 190cm long. If you have little space you can al

Feng Shui decoration for the baby of the Dragon sign

The Feng Shui decoration for the baby of the Dragon sign, which was born in 2012 and until February 2013, must adapt to the particular characteristics that surround the character of the baby Dragon. For this reason, when decorating a room for baby Dragons, it is best to do it in neutral tones, which

Crib or baby cot for the baby

Many doubts arise when you are preparing your baby's bedroom. One of the most common is to choose between a crib or a mini-cot . What to do? We want our baby to have a good rest, to feel safe and at the same time to be a comfortable and lasting piece. Both cribs and mini-cribs have their advantages


Why there are couples who separate when having a child

Having a child is the most beautiful thing in the world because after nine months of waiting at the end of the world comes that little person who will make the life of a couple of a turn of 180ºC. Before having a child it may seem that everything is idyllic, the couple has all the time for themselve

The child painter. Short children poems

Reading children's poetry with our children is an excellent activity to stimulate them in the taste for reading, in the pleasure of reading and discover feelings and emotions through the verses. Short children's poems like this, niño The child painter , help us parents to teach different knowledge i

The best songs for children of 2018

We show you the best songs for children of 2018 , ranging from lullabies to educational melodies to stimulate children. It is a series of songs that do not go out of style and that are transmitted from generation to generation. We recommend you listen to these melodies in the company of your childre

Children of the sign Dog in the Chinese zodiac

Are you one of those who consult the horoscopes? There are various traditions about astrology, and one of the best known horoscopes is China. The Chinese New Year marks which animal will correspond that year and how the children will be born. The horoscope Dog is the eleventh sign of the Chinese hor