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Fears of children according to their age

Being afraid is common in children. The fears of the children are evolutionary, that is, they change according to the age of the child and this gives rise to not having fear of the same things as children grow up. The key is to learn to overcome each one at the time and at the age at which it appear

The 3 main causes of childhood boredom

The frenetic pace we are subjecting children to today is leaving them without strategies to cope with boredom, that state of apathy or disinterest caused by the feeling of not knowing what to do or not have nothing to have fun with. Paradoxically, it is the children who have the most bored people. W

Games for children to burn calories

All children have the right to play and to enjoy activities. In addition, if thanks to these exercises where fun is the main objective, children can be fit, the potential is multiplied. Beyond sports, children can burn calories while they play, to maintain a healthy and balanced life in terms of bod

Feeding or granites on the skin of the newborn

In the first days of life the newborn can present different skin lesions that in many cases scare the parents and take them to consult the pediatrician. One of them is commonly known as fattening and is shown as granites that appear espotualmente throughout the baby's skin. What are the babies' fatt


Crib or baby cot for the baby

Many doubts arise when you are preparing your baby's bedroom. One of the most common is to choose between a crib or a mini-cot . What to do? We want our baby to have a good rest, to feel safe and at the same time to be a comfortable and lasting piece. Both cribs and mini-cribs have their advantages

Chromotherapy or color therapy in children

Do you know that colors can influence our mood ? And of course, also in our baby. So in we are going to tell you what sensations are capable of causing the basic colors so that you have it in mind when decorating your baby's room. What each color brings to the baby's mood Here are s

How to maintain order in a children's room

Order is a value we can teach our children from very young. And one of the ways to do it is to keep your room tidy. Not only for aesthetic reasons but also to avoid trips and falls. The first months will not use toys or books but we can accustom them to have their space in order and keep everything

Types of children's beds

When choosing the bed for the children's room you can choose between different types of models that can fit in the space available. The measurements are basically standard. Generally the most used measure is that which has a mattress base 90cm wide and 190cm long. If you have little space you can al


Soft and fluffy Easter bunny. Crafts with cotton

Look what a beautiful Easter bunny we made. It is very soft and also carries its famous Easter eggs, also very fluffy, as if they were pompoms ... but they are not! We tell you how we have managed to create this tender appearance in a few steps. In we teach you how to create an East

How to draw easy to the 3 Kings. Videos for children

How to draw the Reyes Magos , step by step, and in a simple way, with that video tutorial. teaches us, with an easy and simple technique, to draw each of the 3 Magi so children can learn to improve their drawing technique. If your children like wise men, they can not lose those vide

Old MacDonald. Song to learn English with children

Old MacDonald is a classic English song that children sing to learn the different animals on a farm. In we show you the lyrics so that your children can learn different words in English. Songs in English are a good way to promote language knowledge in children because music helps to

What you should know about genetic screening

All pregnant women want your child to be born healthy, free of malformations or genetic diseases. And is that one of the greatest fears of parents is that the child is born with Down syndrome. A risk factor is that the mother exceeds 35 years, although it is not the only one that affects the baby ma