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Popular Mexican sayings for children

Proverbs are short phrases that encompass the popular wisdom of a region or a country. They are traditional phrases, usually in verse that have a meaning as a moral or advice. For children to learn the popular wisdom of Mexico, in we have selected a series of typical Mexican sayings

Day of Santa Marcela, January 31. Names for girls

Marcela is a name for a girl of Latin origin with an uncertain meaning, but related in any case to the Roman god of war Mars. It belongs, therefore, to the same family of militant names and a great strength that Martina, Marcos, Marcelo and Martín, among others. He celebrates his name day on January

Smarter children are more distracted

Intelligent people are more easily distracted at work and although they are intellectually superior to their peers, their attention span is lower than the rest , this is at least what reveals a study carried out in the United Kingdom. This is also applicable to children. Those who have a superior in

The coherence. Educate children in values ​​

Coherence is a value that is transmitted through example. Parents should be consistent with what they say and do. If there are contradictions between your words and your deeds, you will be creating confusion and dif fi culties within your family. In the education of children, the value of coherence


Decorate the children's room with vinyl

Vinyl is in fashion! And there are so many different models and styles that the biggest problem you will have when using them will be to choose one. We are going to give you tips on how to place them and how to remove them if you have already placed them for a long time. And we'll also explain how y

How to decorate a children's bathroom

Do you have the possibility that your children have a bath for themselves? Or do they have to share it with parents? In any case, we want to give you ideas to make the bathroom a fun and practical space at the same time. And above all ... sure! Ideas for decorating the children's bathroom Here are s

Types of paintings for children's rooms

We have already talked on other occasions about how to choose the color of the walls of children's bedrooms. Today we talk about the types of paint we can use to decorate our children's rooms. Painting is a decorating technique that can also be easy, quite inexpensive. We can renew the appearance of

How to decorate a child's room according to their age

A baby's room should not be the same as that of an 8-year-old child. In both cases, children do not have the same skills or the same needs. The Catalan interior designer Susanna Cots (Girona, Spain), gives us a series of tips to decorate the child's room according to their age. The two basic princip


Changes in circulation during pregnancy

During pregnancy many changes occur in the woman's body. Some organs move to leave more space to the uterus, which will grow as the months pass. The cardiovascular system of the pregnant woman is also affected by these changes in the woman's body. Hence, during pregnancy, women feel that their 'rhyt

Dictionary for pregnant women with the letter E

Are you pregnant and have hundreds of questions about pregnancy? To help you in this special moment, in we have developed a dictionary of terms about pregnancy. Here you can consult all your doubts about pregnancy terms that begin with the letter E. You will find all the information

How to make a balloon submarine. Experiment for children

Submarines are capable of submerging and floating. But if you've never been inside one to check it, you can create your own submarine with balloons to know why they are capable of doing it. With this science experiment for children you will make a submarine using only three balloons, a nut and a bot

The legend of the tooth fairy. Short stories

In the Anglo-Saxon countries and in Germany, it is not the Tooth Fairy who is in charge of collecting the children's milk teeth and leaving a gift in their place, this work full of magic and illusion, is done by a little fairy : the tooth fairy , this is his story. Once upon a time, in a land above