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The pain of wrongs. Why they are produced

You have just had a child . You can not be more happy . You have overcome nine months of pregnancy and a birth more or less painful. And when you thought that everything had happened, you notice again sharp pangs, similar to contractions. They are the wrongs . Why the wrongs occur Keep in mind that

Day of Saint Ivan, June 24. Names for children

Iván is a name for a child of Russian origin, variant of the name Juan, so its meaning is "the merciful". It is a name of exceptional beauty that can be perfect for your child. It is one of the most frequent names, like Juan, who likes parents and children because of its simplicity and musicality. H

Learning Chinese is already a child's thing

Teaching Chinese language to children is becoming increasingly popular in many countries around the world. Many parents find that today learning Chinese is already a child's thing because this language has many advantages for the professional future of children in their adulthood. The question raise

The stools of the newborn baby

In the first hours of life, the newborn baby eliminates the meconium . Meconium is the material that accumulates in the intestine of the fetus during pregnancy, it is a viscous substance, thick, dark green almost black. It is composed of dead cells and secretions of the stomach and liver. Frequency


How to decorate shared rooms for children

What to do when two brothers have to share a room? How to decorate whether the room will be occupied by two children, two girls or boy and girl? We offer solutions to decorate shared dorms. The problem usually arises when it comes to rooms for a boy and a girl or when the ages of the children are ve

Types of children's beds

When choosing the bed for the children's room you can choose between different types of models that can fit in the space available. The measurements are basically standard. Generally the most used measure is that which has a mattress base 90cm wide and 190cm long. If you have little space you can al

Bunk beds in the children's room

When our children's room should be a shared space, we face the dilemma about what type of bed we should choose. The dimensions of the bedroom and the use of it will be factors that will influence the decision. For example, if we want to have a playground or a study area when they are already growing

6 Tips to decorate a safe room for the baby

When preparing our baby's room we must not forget a series of recommendations that will help us grow in a safe space. And, to create an environment free of danger, is essential when decorating a room, since in the end it is the place where a small child will sleep and play. To protect you from possi


Eva rubber frame and beads. Easy crafts

Creating a frame is very easy and fun, it is also a craft that favors creativity and imagination as it offers multiple possibilities. In we have made a frame with rubber eva and we have decorated it with beads shaped like sea animals. A very simple manual to make and that favors the

The Cuckoo. Children's Song in English

Guiainfantil presents a selection of the best children's songs in English recommended by parents. With this English song The Cuckoo you can encourage the learning of this language in children. Songs in English are a good way to promote language knowledge in children because music helps to stimulate

Summer stories for children

Children's stories about summer are perfect for teaching children what changes occur at this time of year. Stories and stories help children understand the world around them. In we offer you a selection of stories that occur in summer, a time that in the northern hemisphere is chara

Witch makeup to disguise children

Children love to dress up for Halloween or Carnival. So that your costume does not miss any detail, in we show you how to make fantasy makeup in a very simple way. If you follow our step by step, you can make an original witch makeup for your children. Remember to use a hypoallergen