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How to help children become more sociable

There are many children who problemas have trouble socializing with other children or adults . It is a problem more abundant than people usually think and a real headache for parents, who want their child to be one more and relate to other children normally. The first thing to clarify is that being

The box of kisses. Christmas story for children

Christmas is time to spend with the family, with the children ... and also, of course, an ideal time to tell stories that convey values. 'La cajita de besos' tells the story of a little girl who knew how to teach her family that the heart and love is above any material good. The kissing box, Christm

Fears of children according to their age

Being afraid is common in children. The fears of the children are evolutionary, that is, they change according to the age of the child and this gives rise to not having fear of the same things as children grow up. The key is to learn to overcome each one at the time and at the age at which it appear

English for babies by the Glenn Doman method

There are many methods created to promote learning and the accelerated development of the brain capacities of babies. Today we are going to analyze one of the oldest and most tested systems worldwide and over time. It is also the most followed educational system by parents from different countries a


The Montessori method to decorate the child's room

Many times we prepare the arrival of the baby and we go crazy buying an infinity of things so that he feels comfortable in his new home. However, there is something that we are not doing quite well in terms of conditioning the environment of the little ones. The Montessori method is based on an envi

Carpets in babies' and children's rooms

Carpets are an excellent decorative element since in addition to their aesthetic value they provide comfort. They are good thermal and acoustic insulation because they isolate the cold and absorb sound. The versatility that carpets offer us when decorating, simply changing shape or color allows us a

How to decorate a children's bathroom

Do you have the possibility that your children have a bath for themselves? Or do they have to share it with parents? In any case, we want to give you ideas to make the bathroom a fun and practical space at the same time. And above all ... sure! Ideas for decorating the children's bathroom Here are s

Decorate the children's room with vinyl

Vinyl is in fashion! And there are so many different models and styles that the biggest problem you will have when using them will be to choose one. We are going to give you tips on how to place them and how to remove them if you have already placed them for a long time. And we'll also explain how y


Cramps during pregnancy

Many pregnant women wake up startled at night because a muscle in their leg has contracted and this causes them a rather annoying momentary pain. It is the cramps of pregnancy and, if they also happen in the third trimester of pregnancy is added the difficulty of movement to be able to stretch the f

The anger. Children's poetry with rhyme

Feelings and emotions are a world to discover for children. Difficult to manage and control. And also, to understand. For that reason, stories and poetry are a fantastic tool to explain to children the meaning of abstract words that speak of feelings and emotions. This short and rhyming poetry, the

Super Chinese record. Song of Enrique and Ana for children

We offer you the lyrics of a peculiar song that became very famous in the Eighties: Super Chinese record . The lyrics refer to a game with which many children of that time had fun. It consisted in maintaining the balance of a disc rotating on a stick for as long as possible. Re-remember this fun son

Cuckoo, a frog was singing. Children's Song in English

Guiainfantil presents a selection of the best children's songs in English recommended by parents. With the song Cuckoo, a frog was singing you can encourage the learning of this language in children. Songs in English are a good way to promote language knowledge in children because music helps to sti