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Paternity leave in the world

When a baby is born, all eyes are on him and the proud mother. However, there is a very present figure in the education and affective bond of the new little person who also enjoys the moment of birth and subsequent upbringing: the father . But, how much time do parents have when a child is born? Dep


It is an excellent learning for children from very young . To achieve this, parents must teach children to channel all this anger and frustration. To achieve this, the psychologist Silvia Alava, gives us 5 very useful guidelines that parents can apply to teach children to tolerate frustration. How t

Why the bad temper of children

When we talk about temperament or personality we must take into account the genetic load and the environment that surrounds us. When a new member arrives in the family, we take care to get him similar with some of his members, for example: 'he has the eyes of his mother' or 'he has the ears of his f

Massage for babies with Down Syndrome

The benefits of massage is indisputable nowadays, in addition, the massage between parents and babies turns the benefits into something mutual for both parties, benefits both the person who receives it and the one that provides it. At birth a bond is created that increases as parents share time and


How to decorate a room with twins or twins

Twins wait! What a great news! Double joy, double responsibility and double concern when decorating your bedroom? Do not believe it, it's not that complicated. It is very important to take into account one essential factor: functionality. Think that there are elements that are going to be shared lik

Ideas for decorating themed rooms for children

If you are thinking of preparing a thematic room for your son or daughter, it is probably no longer a baby. Generally these types of rooms are decorated thinking of the child's taste, when they have a child character, hobby or a hobby that they are passionate about. The resources you have to recreat

How to distribute the furniture in the baby's room

If you have already planned the decoration of the baby's room, we will begin to distribute the furniture to ensure that the space is well used and safe for our baby. The first thing is to think about the elements that we will need to distribute , taking into account our needs, the available space an

How to make the room of the child a place of fable

Today we want to propose a new theme of decoration with which to help you to make your child's room become a dream place where you can live your own adventures. Using your imagination you can make your room look like an enchanted forest, a spaceship or a pirate ship sailing the seas. How to decorate


Why mothers confuse the names of children

Jorg ... I say Sergio! I still remember the ease with which my mother confused my brother's name. And how sometimes I exchanged my sister's name with mine. The worst thing is that years later (many years later) history repeats itself: now I am the one who confuses the names of my children. But I'm n

Games and songs of palms for children

Games with the palms of the hands . This is an activity that our grandmothers, our mothers, we played and our children will play. And what does this game have so that it has passed from generation to generation? It does not require disbursing money and can be played anywhere. It's just about holding

Advantages and disadvantages of pregnancy in winter

Today, many women can plan pregnancy according to their work or personal needs. But the time of year in which we get pregnant and, above all, in what season we live the final stage of pregnancy is also an important factor to be taken into account. Passing the last trimester of pregnancy in winter ha

Santa Claus hat with felt. Christmas Crafts

The Santa Claus hat is one of the symbols of Christmas . Used by children and adults and is a way to join with him to the magic of the holidays. This year, instead of buying the Santa Claus hat, in we suggest that you create it at home in a homemade way. We teach you how to make thi