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Day of Saint Beltrán, October 16. Names for children

Beltrán is a name for a child of Germanic origin that means 'bright crow', in clear allusion to the crow that always accompanies the god Odin. It is a name with a meaning full of character that may be perfect for your child. Although it is not one of the most frequent names, in recent times it is ga

Day of Saint Ivan, June 24. Names for children

Iván is a name for a child of Russian origin, variant of the name Juan, so its meaning is "the merciful". It is a name of exceptional beauty that can be perfect for your child. It is one of the most frequent names, like Juan, who likes parents and children because of its simplicity and musicality. H

The importance of arts education in childhood

In many schools the arts occupy a smaller space in the agenda of our children. The plastic or music have been relegated to give more time to subjects that are considered more important other branches such as mathematics or language. This is a common error that shows a lack of knowledge about widespr

The Christmas rose. Christmas story for children

Christmas is an ideal time to tell stories with values ​​to children. Christmas conveys values ​​such as generosity, kindness, compassion ... This story, 'The Christmas rose', speaks precisely of compassion and kindness. It is ideal to explain what these values ​​mean to younger children. The Christ


Carpets in babies' and children's rooms

Carpets are an excellent decorative element since in addition to their aesthetic value they provide comfort. They are good thermal and acoustic insulation because they isolate the cold and absorb sound. The versatility that carpets offer us when decorating, simply changing shape or color allows us a

5 Tips to choose the color of the baby's room

How exciting! true? You're waiting for your baby and you're going to start decorating your room. You have so much enthusiasm and so eager to get down to work that you do not know where to start. You have seen many magazines, images, shop windows and now the moment of truth arrives. We will try to he

Ideas for decorating themed rooms for children

If you are thinking of preparing a thematic room for your son or daughter, it is probably no longer a baby. Generally these types of rooms are decorated thinking of the child's taste, when they have a child character, hobby or a hobby that they are passionate about. The resources you have to recreat

The Montessori method to decorate the child's room

Many times we prepare the arrival of the baby and we go crazy buying an infinity of things so that he feels comfortable in his new home. However, there is something that we are not doing quite well in terms of conditioning the environment of the little ones. The Montessori method is based on an envi


How to make, step by step, a panda mask

Funny drawings of animal masks and characters to color with children. You can print, color and trim the mask and use it to complete an ideal costume for a Carnival or Halloween party. Follow the steps to learn how to draw this Carnival mask that you can then color with your children. You can also pr

Renal colic in pregnancy

Pregnancy is a physiological state in which the woman's body undergoes many changes, some of these affect the urinary system both in its anatomy and in its functioning; which makes the pregnant woman prone to urinary infections , and the formation of stones (stones) in the kidney en or in the urinar

The peck. Play tongue for children

Poetry is a great learning tool for children . Also for the little ones, even if they can not read. You can use poems like this, short and rhyming, and in addition to having fun, your child will exercise memory and, in this case, diction. 'The Peck' is a very short poem especialmente, especially for


Ay, Don Cosme', a clown song for children with a lot of rhythm so that the little ones in the house can also dance. offers you the lyrics of the song 'Ay, Don Cosme' of the TV clowns, Gabi, Fofito and Miliki. In this case whoever sings the song is Fofito. Follow the lyrics and reco