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When and how to set limits to sexual games between children

Sexual games during childhood are frequent and are usually the result of the child's interest and curiosity to explore what he does not know. We should not be alarmed if we observe that our son is playing games with sexual dyes with other children belonging to his peer group . It is absolutely norma


When they learn to write has to do with the letter 'h'. Especially when it comes to conjugate with a verb 'ha' or 'he' or when writing the letter a in front of a verb in infinitive or a noun. That is, many children can not understand why sometimes you write 'ha' and sometimes 'a'. We offer four fant

Santa Carlota Day, July 3. Names for girls

Carlota is a name for girl of Germanic origin with a meaning relative to 'strength' , so it can be perfect to reinforce the personality of your girl. It's a name that is currently topical and will continue to climb positions in the lists of popular names for girls now that the girl from the Dukes of

Day of santa Eva, December 19. Names for girl babies

Eva is a name for girl of Hebrew origin that means la 'the one who gives life', as befits the first woman and, therefore, the one who gave birth together with Adam , to the human race. A moving mythical story that we can not miss and that makes the name of your daughter one of the most frequent. He


The Montessori method to decorate the child's room

Many times we prepare the arrival of the baby and we go crazy buying an infinity of things so that he feels comfortable in his new home. However, there is something that we are not doing quite well in terms of conditioning the environment of the little ones. The Montessori method is based on an envi

How to maintain order in a children's room

Order is a value we can teach our children from very young. And one of the ways to do it is to keep your room tidy. Not only for aesthetic reasons but also to avoid trips and falls. The first months will not use toys or books but we can accustom them to have their space in order and keep everything

Ideas for decorating themed rooms for children

If you are thinking of preparing a thematic room for your son or daughter, it is probably no longer a baby. Generally these types of rooms are decorated thinking of the child's taste, when they have a child character, hobby or a hobby that they are passionate about. The resources you have to recreat

Decorate a baby room with little money

It's time to start decorating your baby's room. We may have seen magazines, visited some stores, liked the rooms other babies or we know how we want to distribute it. We have all the illusion of the world and eager to get down to work, but our budget is limited. What can we do? With a little imagina


How to get through a balloon without it exploding. Experiment for children

The best way for children to learn some basic principles of physics is by conducting children's experiments. With them they will have fun while they will begin to understand why certain phenomena happen. Therefore, from we encourage you to do this series of balloon experiments with

Children's recycling crafts. Means of transport with cardboard

One of the teachings that parents can instill in our children is care for the environment and respect for nature. With small actions we can teach our children great things. The simple fact that they learn the importance of recycling will help children take care of our environment. With cardboard box

Labor and the Pilates method

After nine months, the pregnant woman has to face the last part of her pregnancy: childbirth. A few days before, usually, the baby has already been placed down and will undertake, at that moment, the descent down the uterine canal to the outside, towards life. It is considered that a woman begins ch

The dance in the garden. Poem to learn the vegetables

The dance in the garden is an original poem by Marisa Alonso Santamaría that teaches children in a funny way the name of the different vegetables. A didactic poem to learn by playing what vegetables we can plant in a garden. A poem with rhyme for children to approach the wonderful world of poetry in