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When the child does not accept the death of the father or the mother

The death of one of the parents is one of the most traumatic events that a child can face. How to tell a child that his father or mother has died and help him cope with and overcome such a difficult loss. What children understand about death depends a lot on their age, but also on their personality

The shepherds, alsa bayona. Carols

In we have put together the lyrics of the best-known Christmas carols , so you can enjoy Christmas singing as a family. It is a beautiful tradition that we can share with children. Christmas carols are popular Christmas songs among children. We invite you to read the lyrics and sing

Strategies to fight children's fear of injections

There are several classic childhood fears: to monsters, to darkness, to be left alone, to something happens to their parents ... And in doctor's offices: a to be punched. The poor children, every time they come into the office and see a person in a robe or pajamas, think that syringes, needles and p

Day of Saint Eleuterio, April 18. Names for children

Eleuterio is a name for a child of Greek origin that means "freedom". It is one of those names of exceptional beauty that, nevertheless, has not finished curdling among popular tastes. In any case, Eleuterio has all the characteristics of musicality, meaning and tradition that your child needs. He c


Ideas for decorating themed rooms for children

If you are thinking of preparing a thematic room for your son or daughter, it is probably no longer a baby. Generally these types of rooms are decorated thinking of the child's taste, when they have a child character, hobby or a hobby that they are passionate about. The resources you have to recreat

Tips to remove marker spots from the wall of the nursery

If there is something children have, it is innocence, and above all, freedom. Although parents try to put a series of limits to be met, sometimes they are skipped precisely because they are free souls. And that happens many times when they have at hand a marker, a tempera or something to paint, and

Decorate a baby room with little money

It's time to start decorating your baby's room. We may have seen magazines, visited some stores, liked the rooms other babies or we know how we want to distribute it. We have all the illusion of the world and eager to get down to work, but our budget is limited. What can we do? With a little imagina

Where to place the study table of the child according to Feng Shui

If you want to achieve a harmonious environment for children to study, in we give you a series of tips according to the philosophy of Feng Shui; An ancient Chinese art that aims to organize our home, creating cozy and comfortable spaces. One aspect to consider in order to create an


Dictionary of definitions of pregnancy with the letter U

Are you pregnant and you do not know the meaning of many terms related to pregnancy? From we want to help you live this moment with enthusiasm and tranquility explaining all those words that you do not understand. We have prepared a dictionary of pregnancy terms that begin with the

Birthday in the forest. Stories for children on the forest

The birthday in the forest is an original story by Azucena Zarzuela in which all the fairies and forest animals prepare the birthday of the Sorceress Major. Everyone wants to participate and get handsome for the big occasion. What surprises will you have prepared? Birthday in the forest. Stories for

The ignorant doctor. Aesop's fable for children

Fables and children's stories favor the development of children's personality. Through the moral of the fable 'The ignorant doctor' you can help your children discover important values. Stimulating reading contributes to developing children's creativity, imagination, intelligence and verbal and conc

A man experiences the pains of childbirth

The curiosity to know what women feel during the birth process has led the journalist Henry McKean to go through a similar experience. He was connected to a simulator in the abdomen, so that through some electrodes could feel something similar to labor contractions. The video speaks for its self.