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10 Keys to being a good teacher

A good teacher is the basis of a successful education and for this to be the case it is necessary to have a series of personal and professional skills. Because teaching is not only transferring knowledge , it is much more, it is about knowing how to create the necessary conditions for students to le


That have been awarded over the years with a Nobel Prize . Its origins as well as its sound are very diverse and varied. Some of them are used more frequently in their countries of origin and yet others have more widespread use throughout the planet. 10 Nobel Prize proposals for newborns 1. Jacobo:

How new technologies affect the vision of children

The vision of children today faces situations that in other generations did not have to live and that, since early childhood, have access to devices that they force them to straighten their eyes . How will the eyes of our children behave in the medium term in the face of the increasingly frequent us

Games to teach children to be in solidarity

Solidarity is one of the most important values ​​for the personal development of the child and that of society. That is why it is key that they be taught since they are small. The value of being supportive is closely related to empathy. It has to do with the social skills that allow the child to dea


Where to place the study table of the child according to Feng Shui

If you want to achieve a harmonious environment for children to study, in we give you a series of tips according to the philosophy of Feng Shui; An ancient Chinese art that aims to organize our home, creating cozy and comfortable spaces. One aspect to consider in order to create an

Types of children's beds

When choosing the bed for the children's room you can choose between different types of models that can fit in the space available. The measurements are basically standard. Generally the most used measure is that which has a mattress base 90cm wide and 190cm long. If you have little space you can al

Decorate the baby's room. The curtains

The choice of curtains for a children's room is not much different than for another room in the house. There are two important factors to consider. On the one hand the natural light that enters through the window and on the other the size of the bedroom. We can also consider the color and decorative

Ideas for decorating the wall of the baby's room

To decorate the walls in the baby's room we have a wide variety of elements that will facilitate the task. The problem comes when choosing what to put and how to arrange it so that it is not overloaded or excessively "bland". Elements to decorate the baby's room These are some of the decorative elem


Being pregnant with a girl. Ovulation Calculator

Being pregnant with a girl is the greatest desire of many couples. The illusion of having a girl can be fulfilled by scheduling sexual relations in the appropriate way depending on the time of life of the X or female sperm and the day of ovulation. For this reason, if you want to conceive a girl, it

Tips for getting pregnant with a girl

Many couples are excited about having a girl in the family or getting pregnant with a girl. However, choosing the sex of the baby and turning it into a safe success is still a privilege of science, since only through genetic laboratory analysis can the sex of the future baby be selected. However, th

How often do you have to have sex to get pregnant?

One of the main tips that women who want to get pregnant receive is to have sex every other day, not a day. However, many do not consider the reason for this, others wonder why it is not better to try it every day, and even some believe that it is better to do it less often. Not only does it matter

How to make, step by step, a drawing of a balloon

Fun drawings of transportation means to color with children. Follow the steps to learn to draw this balloon that you can then color with your children. You can print, color and crop the image or use it to learn the names of the types of transportation that exist. You can also print the drawing for f