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What to do when a child scratches

Some young children go through a phase in which they express their frustrations through blows, bites or scratches. A normal phase of development that worries the parents of both the spider child and the parents of children who suffer scratches. Why children scratch and what to do when a child resort

When the child plays dress of the opposite sex

Is it normal for a small child of 3 or 4 years to like to play with dolls more than with the typical cars or balls? Why are we surprised and worried that our son or daughter plays at being a child of the opposite sex and wants to dress like a mom or a dad, like a little sister or the best friend in

How can a child's name be changed

If we insist on reflection when choosing the name of your baby, it is because we know that the name can determine the personality of your child. That is why we are not in favor of putting extravagant names, weird names or even familiar names to please any of our grandparents. Over the months, you ca

Positive discipline techniques for children

In general, the methods of education are rooted in the use of punitive disciplines based on punishment, something that causes negative effects. When looking for other alternatives, the parents go to the other extreme and give the child an exaggerated permissiveness. The use of these authoritative or


Feng Shui rules in baby rooms

Simplifying a lot we can say that Feng Shui is a very old Chinese science that studies how the distribution of spaces and the shapes that surround us influence our existence. The harmony of these elements favors the flow of energy and we feel good about ourselves . This oriental science is very curr

Carpets in babies' and children's rooms

Carpets are an excellent decorative element since in addition to their aesthetic value they provide comfort. They are good thermal and acoustic insulation because they isolate the cold and absorb sound. The versatility that carpets offer us when decorating, simply changing shape or color allows us a

Tips to remove marker spots from the wall of the nursery

If there is something children have, it is innocence, and above all, freedom. Although parents try to put a series of limits to be met, sometimes they are skipped precisely because they are free souls. And that happens many times when they have at hand a marker, a tempera or something to paint, and

How to decorate a child's room according to their age

A baby's room should not be the same as that of an 8-year-old child. In both cases, children do not have the same skills or the same needs. The Catalan interior designer Susanna Cots (Girona, Spain), gives us a series of tips to decorate the child's room according to their age. The two basic princip


The lion and the worm. Educational stories for children

Stories are not only entertainment, they are also learning. This educational story for children is an example of this. And it is that through the story of The Lion and the Worm children will learn two great values ​​and a lesson about animals. They will learn about humility and the importance of acc

Parents of the sign Pisces

Many fathers and mothers are curious to consult the horoscope, since astrology also concerns us . Both men and women like to know the virtues and defects of their zodiac sign and know if the description fits with their way of being. We tell you how the dads of the Pisces sign are so you can check if

The geometric figures. Teaching poetry for children

The geometric figures' is a short poetry with rhyme that has as protagonists a square, a triangle, a rectangle, a circle ... The objective of this children's poem is none other than teach children in a pleasant and simple way to play with geometric figures . You will see how they like it! A poem to

Pregnant. Dictionary of doubts with the letter O

Does it occur to you that you do not understand the meaning of many words and terms related to pregnancy? Whether you do not know what they mean or if you need to have more information about them, in we have prepared a dictionary for pregnant women that can help you. Here you can se