Latin American legends for children

From what happened after the Universal Flood to why the sun rises during the day and the moon at night ... The culture of each country maintains and transmits a series of legends with messages, values ​​and also stories full of fantasy that enliven the imagination and curiosity of children. Guiainfa

From what happened after the Universal Flood to why the sun rises during the day and the moon at night ... The culture of each country maintains and transmits a series of legends with messages, values ​​and also stories full of fantasy that enliven the imagination and curiosity of children. has collected a series of Latin American legends for children. It is a fantastic selection of short legends adapted for the little ones. Enjoy them and use them to bring your children literature and culture from different countries.

The best Latin American legends for children

They are legends full of magic, messages and universal values. Stories that try to explain elements of Nature. Stories that were transmitted orally long ago in one of the many countries in Latin America.

Now you can also enjoy them with your child. Here you will find beautiful stories that come to us from Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela ... Do not miss any!

The parrots in disguise. Legend of Ecuador. The disguised parrots is an Ecuadorian legend to read to children. A beautiful Latin American legend that transmits values ​​to children. On this occasion, your children will learn the importance of the value of solidarity and also that of gratitude. Do not miss this legend of Ecuador and share it with your children.

Quetzalcoatl. Mexican legend We show you the legend of Quetzalcoatl, a story that tells us about this deity and its importance in pre-Hispanic culture. A Mexican legend for children, ideal to instill in them knowledge about the ancient indigenous civilizations.

The spider. Quechua legend. The spider is a Latin American legend, of the Quechua culture. It speaks to us about values ​​such as kindness, empathy and about inner beauty and gratitude. Use legends with values ​​to educate your children. You will also be approaching the wonderful world of children's literature. Discover legends with values ​​for your child.

The Múcaro. Legend of Puerto Rico. Do you know why owls come out only at night? The history of the Múcaro explains everything. Do not miss this beautiful legend full of values ​​to read to children. It is a beautiful story that speaks of generosity, and also of greed and vanity. Discover with your child why owls only come out at night.

The son of the maguey. Mexican legend We share the Mexican legend for children "El hijo del maguey". A story about Meconetzin king of the Toltec empire, and his reign during the post-classic period. Teach your children this traditional legend that takes us back to the roots of Mexican culture and their ancestors.

The golden cob. Legend of Peru. Legend of Peru 'The golden cob', which speaks to children about the importance of the value of effort. Discover why it is important to strive. A story that comes to remember that great saying: 'Who sows, collects'. Fantastic Peruvian legend to talk about essential values ​​with children.

The Cajas lagoon. Legend of Ecuador. The legend of the Laguna del Cajas is a very old Ecuadorian story that transmits values ​​to children, such as solidarity, humility and gratitude. Fantastic Latin American legend to read the children and discover with them beautiful popular stories from other countries and other cultures.

Why dogs smell their tails. Mexican legend Curious Mexican legend for children. 'Why dogs smell their tails' tries to explain in a fancy tone why dogs, when they meet, recognize each other by smelling their tails. A very curious story that also makes us think about the relationship between dogs and humans and about the unfair treatment that we sometimes give these faithful companions.

Fire and animals. Mexican legend The legends are a good way to bring children to the world of reading. This time shows you the Mexican legend for children "El fuego y los animales". A beautiful story that will teach the little ones to be shared with their neighbor.

The colobrí. Mayan legend Why is the hummingbird light as a feather? Why is he able to stay in the air without moving? How was the first hummingbird born? Do not miss this beautiful Mayan legend about one of the most beautiful birds.

Princess Acafala. Legend of Peru. Discover the legend of La Princesa Acafala, an original legend from Peru that transmits values ​​to children. Fantastic Latin American legend to read to children. A short story that teaches children why they should not be so vain and explains in a magical and metaphorical way how the first starfish was born.

Gorgoé, Latin American legend. Latin American legend about a magic tree. legend of Gorgoé for children. How a tree is capable of ending the drought of a town.

The sun and the moon. Mexican legend Mexican legend about how the sun and the moon were created. Legend for children. Legend of the sun and the moon. South American legends for children.

The spots of the toad. 'The spots of the toad' is an ancient legend from Uruguay that tries to explain why toads have spots on their skin. In addition, this legend is versioned in such a way that it contributes a series of values ​​to the children on which you can reflect with it. In this case, this legend speaks of the value of humility.

Tatú and the festive cloak. Legend of the Andes. Tatú and the festive cape is an original legend of the Andes that teaches children the importance of solving problems in a positive way. They will learn why one should not collapse before difficulties and why it is better to forgive before falling into the feeling of resentment. Fantastic legend to teach values ​​to children.

Tepoztécatl. Mexican legend The legend of Tepoztécatl tells us about a man who despite the adversities managed to excel and become the hero of his people. brings you the best Mexican legends for children. Popular stories that promote in the children the traditions and culture of a country.

The fire star. Legend of Chile. This legend, 'La estrella de fuego', tells how the indigenous Chileans discovered fire. An exciting and beautiful story to tell children about the mysteries that surround our ancestors, and that make us imagine what life was like then, both children and adults.

The Christmas Eve flower. Mexican legend Poinsettia or Poinsettia. Meet the short legend of Mexican origin to tell the children at Christmas. Legend about the origin of the Christmas Flower. Short stories for Christmas. The Poinsettia is a universal emblem of Christmas. Dressed in red and green, she participates in Christmas more and more actively.

Corn Mexican legend In we encourage you to read the legend of corn, a short Mexican story that you can read to children. It is a popular legend of Mexico that speaks to children of effort and perseverance, an essential value that you can enhance. Short legends to tell the children. Children's stories from Mexico.