12 Weeks of pregnancy

In week 12 of pregnancy, your baby moves inside you, is able to stretch and give small kicks. If it is your first pregnancy, it is still early for you to notice the tingling sensation that the baby initially produces, but there are women who, in their second pregnancy, notice the movements of the ba

In week 12 of pregnancy, your baby moves inside you, is able to stretch and give small kicks. If it is your first pregnancy, it is still early for you to notice the tingling sensation that the baby initially produces, but there are women who, in their second pregnancy, notice the movements of the baby at the end of the first trimester of pregnancy, around 12 weeks of pregnancy. fetus, since they have experience in this sense and recognize the sensation.

Changes in the 12 weeks of pregnancy

During the first weeks of pregnancy it is normal for the pregnant woman to feel tired and sleepy during the day, try to rest when you feel fatigued and do not make great efforts. Your body is working at full capacity to help the baby grow.

You could have a blocked nose and feel congested, this sensation is normal during pregnancy, also small nose bleeds. It is due to the increase in progesterone, this hormone causes a greater blood flow in skin and mucous membranes. There are saline solutions that you can apply through the nose that will help you with this problem, but avoid decongestant medications if not prescribed by the doctor.

Your breasts have increased in size since the beginning of pregnancy. Progesterone also intervenes in this case as it intervenes in the preparation that the breasts are undergoing in order to feed the baby. You will notice that the areolas have darkened and you will have more sensitivity in the chest. It will help you change bra, choose one that has no rings, preferably cotton and adapted to your new size.

It is not very normal that at this stage of pregnancy, and as early as the twelfth week of pregnancy, you still have nausea and dizziness. Consult with your doctor so that he can prescribe a medication against vomiting and assess you if you continue to lose weight.

Development and growth of the baby in pregnancy

Your baby is already 10 weeks old, measures at the end of the 12th week of pregnancy about 6.5 centimeters and weighs 18 grams. His face is already practically formed and his appearance is almost that of a baby. He already has a nose, upper lip, eyelids and ears. Your hands and feet already have a glimpse of nails and the vocal cords have already developed. His body begins to be covered with a very fine hair called lanugo.

It can open and close the mouth and in doing so swallows amniotic fluid that it subsequently eliminates through the urine. The fetus can have hiccups, it is still early for you to notice it, but within a few weeks you could perceive those rhythmic movements that cause the baby's hiccups.

Your baby is fed through the placenta, through it receives nutrients and oxygen. All the important organs have been formed and are functioning, now they just have to grow. The brain continues its development.

Health and emotions during pregnancy

You will have an ultrasound of the 12th week of gestation, of great importance. The gynecologist will see through it the viability of the fetus, listen to the beat of your heart and perform the different measurements of the baby's body: head, abdomen and femur. This will allow knowing the approximate date of delivery. This ultrasound is essential because it determines the nuchal fold, which allows determining if the baby could have Down syndrome.

In this week you will also be tested for triple screening or genetic screening, it is a blood test that allows you to detect defects in the fetus. This test is not conclusive, that is, its reliability is around 60%. Triple screening helps determine if an amniocentesis is necessary, which is the only way that exists today to have a 100% confirmation of the baby's condition. However, amniocentesis has certain risks of causing an abortion and it is the parents who ultimately decide whether to practice it or not.

Many pregnant women often have strange dreams or nightmares. Pregnancy causes some anxiety related to the well-being of the baby and this causes disturbances in sleep. It will help you eliminate tension share your fears with family and friends.

Diet and feeding for the pregnant woman

You will ask yourself during week 12 of pregnancy, how many meals you have to make per day. A good measure would be to take 5 small meals a day. Regarding the foods that you have to introduce into your diet every day:

- Carbohydrates: rice, pasta and cereals, better if they are whole

- Meat and fish, always cooked

- Fruit: between 2 and 4 pieces day

- Vegetables: always accompany your dishes with a salad

As for drinks, a daily habit in your diet should be to drink at least 2 liters of water per day. You can also drink fruit juices because the vitamins they will provide will be beneficial for the development of the baby. Do not forget to introduce milkshakes and milk into your diet.

In the section of drinks you must eliminate alcohol totalmente completely from your diet, you must know that everything you eat or drink passes to the fetus and the alcoholic drinks can cause malformations in your baby. Also try to reduce drinks with caffeine and avoid very soft drinks.Curiosities in week 12 of pregnancy

Your spine will undergo modifications throughout your pregnancy

. The back moves forward and the pelvis dilates slightly. Your body will support an extra weight, becoming heavier as your pregnancy progresses. To avoid back pain:- try to change positions frequently

- if you have to pick up objects from the floor, do it with a straight back and bend the knee

- do not transport objects that are heavy

- do exercise to strengthen the lumbar muscle and of the back.

Swimming is a great sport throughout the pregnancy will help you to be in shape and to release the accumulated stress. In the water you will feel light and you can practice it until the last day as long as you have not expelled the mucous plug.