Two goblins and two wishes. Fairy tales for children

The story of 'Two goblins and two wishes' deals with an important issue with children: the consequences of our actions. With this story of goblins, children will understand that they should think things through before acting, and not get carried away by their first impulses. A fabulous story to read

The story of'Two goblins and two wishes'deals with an important issue with children:the consequences of our actions.With this story of goblins, children will understand that they should think things through before acting, and not get carried away by their first impulses.

A fabulous story to read to children and talk about essential values ​​with them, such as the value of friendship or generosity.Two goblins and two wishes, fairy tale to read the childrenThere was once, a long, long time ago, so much that even the day and night did not exist, and only magical and strange creatures lived on earth,

two little goblins who dreamed of jumping so high que, that they could catch the clouds.

One day,the Great Fairy of the Skiesdiscovered them jumping again and again, in a useless and fun game at the same time, trying to catch some light clouds that passed at great speed. He enjoyed the game so much, and laughed so much, that he decided to give a magic gift to each one.

- What do you most want in life? Only one thing, I can not give you more - asked the one who seemed more restless.The goblin, excited to speak with one of the Great Fairies, and anxious to receive his wish, responded at once.-Jump! I want to jump over the mountains! Por Above the clouds and the wind, and beyond the sun!- Are you sure? - said the fairy - Do not you want anything else?

The pixie, impatient, recounted the years he had spent dreaming of that gift, and assured that nothing could make him happier. The Fairy, convinced, blew on the goblin and, instantly, it jumped so high that in a few moments it crossed the clouds, then it continued towards the sun, and finally they stopped seeing it way of the stars.

The Fairy, then, addressed the other goblin.

- What about you? What do you want most?The second goblin, looking somewhat calmer than the first, was thoughtful. He scratched his chin, stretched his ears, looked at the sky, looked at the ground, looked at the sky again, covered his eyes, put his hand to his ear, looked at the ground again, made a sad gesture, and finally replied:-

I want to be able to catch anything, especially to hold my friend

. It will kill the blow when it falls.At that moment, they began to hear a noise, like a little cry in the distance, that came closer and closer, sounding higher and higher, until they could clearly distinguish the horrified face of the first elf before what was going to be the smack greatest in history. But the fairy blew on the second goblin, and

this one could catch him and save his life


With the heart almost out of the chest and the eyes full of tears,

the first elf regretted having been so impulsive y, and embraced his good friend, who for having thought a little before asking for his own wish, was forced to waste it with him. And grateful for his generosity, the bouncing goblin offered to exchange the gifts, keeping for himself the useless gift of catching elves, and giving his partner the ability to jump over the clouds. But the second goblin, who knew how much his friend wanted that gift, decided that they would share it in turns.So, successively, one would jump and the other would have to catch him, and both would be just as happy.The fairy,

moved by the companionship and friendship of the two goblins, gave each one the most beautiful objects that decorated their skies:the sun and the moon

. Since then, the elf that received the sun jumps happy every morning, showing his gift to the world. And when after a whole day he falls to the ground, his friend avoids the blow, and prepares to make his leap, in which he will proudly show the moonlight throughout the night.