Activities with children at Easter

Easter and Easter are a time of celebration in many countries that includes free time to take advantage of the family and to organize activities to do with children, from trips to homemade crafts like the decoration of Easter eggs . After the long Lent, Holy Week is one of the most important religio

Easter and Easter are a time of celebration in many countries that includes free time to take advantage of the family and to organize activities to do with children, from trips to homemade crafts like the decoration of Easter eggs.

After the long Lent,Holy Weekis one of the most important religious holidays for Christians. It begins with thePalm Sundaywhen the faithful go to Mass carrying olive branches (symbol of the entrance and reception of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem) and ends withEaster Sunday,which means Birth and Resurrection.

Activities with children at Easter

Most of the children have holidays at school coinciding with Holy Week, when they take advantage of a few days of rest without classes or duties, to travel with the family and to do these crafts educational and fun, using materials you have at home.

The Holy Week also brings culinary memories. In many countries it is tradition to prepare dishes related to this religious festival. Normally, they are dishes that adapt to the traditional food habits of abstinence (vigil). For this reason, we have prepared some recipes for Easter, which surely you will love.

Plans for Easter Week

Easter Baskets. Selection of drawings of Easter baskets to print and paint with children at Easter. invites us to color Easter baskets with children. A very fun and entertaining activity.

Easter crafts. Children's crafts for Easter and Easter holidays. Homemade crafts to make at Easter with your children. Easy and simple crafts to do with children.

Easter drawings. Series of drawings of rabbits, basket and Easter eggs to paint with children. has prepared a range of drawings so that children can print and color them as they like. Funny drawings to spend a pleasant and entertaining time with the smallest of the house.

Holy Week Holidays. What to do on Easter holidays depending on the age of the children. In we give you interesting ideas of activities for Easter with children according to their age.

Legend of the Easter rabbit. We tell you the legend of the Easter rabbit. The origin of the Easter rabbit goes back to the pre-Christian Anglo-Saxon festivities, when the rabbit was the symbol of fertility and was associated with the Easter goddess. The game in which the children have to find the eggs that the Easter bunny has left is fun for the children on Easter Sunday. But, why a rabbit? This is the story of the Easter rabbit.

History of Easter. The tradition of giving Easter eggs to children. How to celebrate Easter and Easter with the children. The Easter holidays for children and the tradition of giving chocolate eggs on Easter Sunday. Cooking recipes of Holy Week. How to explain the meaning of that celebration.

Decorate Easter eggs.

Decorate Easter cookies.

Decorate Easter cakes.

Decorate Easter muffins.

Holy Week Recipes. Ideas of traditional Easter recipes for children. The celebration of Holy Week is an opportunity to cook with your children some of these traditional recipes of this celebration. We offer you a selection with the best homemade and popular Easter or Easter recipes Happy Easter!

Easter sweets. Ideas of desserts and more typical and exquisite sweets that are eaten at Easter. teaches us to prepare traditional Easter recipes for children and the whole family. Easy recipes, quick and very easy to prepare, even with children. Learn the step by step of those Easter recipes for cooking children.

Activities in spring and Easter. How to enjoy colors, smells, shapes, textures, flavors, spring, with children. offers some ideas to make children learn from spring.

Recipes for the picnic. When the good weather arrives we can enjoy a fun family outing. Prepare a menu with picnic recipes for children, for a very special day.

Movies to watch as a family.

10 destinations to travel during Holy Week. If you are thinking of going on a trip with the family and do not know where, we give you 10 good proposals to travel as a family. In we propose you 10 destinations for a family holiday

Traveling with children. How to travel with children. How to do tourism with children. Traveling is always an exciting experience at any stage of life, but if we do it with children it can become an unpredictable adventure. Everything depends on the child's age and on his or her own nature, whether he is calm, reflective, energetic, hyperactive or whiny.

Games for car trips. Games for the trip with children. Long trips by car are very heavy for the whole family, but especially for children. To avoid getting tired, or not stop asking when we arrive or start fighting among themselves out of sheer boredom, we must sharpen the wit to entertain them. There are some games, very fun, that can entertain the trip of both children and adults: