31 Weeks of pregnancy

As of week 31 of pregnancy , your belly already has a considerable size. This volume has its advantages and disadvantages: on the one hand, you can proudly wear your pregnant clothes, but also sleeping well starts to be complicated. The rate of pregnancy development week by week has reached the 31st

As of week 31 of pregnancy, your belly already has a considerable size. This volume has its advantages and disadvantages: on the one hand, you can proudly wear your pregnant clothes, but also sleeping well starts to be complicated.

The rate of pregnancy development week by week has reached the 31st week of gestation. The baby is growing at a good pace and is gaining ground to the space that occupied your stomach, so from week 31 or 32, it is advisable to make 5 or 6 small meals a day instead of doing a few and plenty to avoid feeling heavy and have difficult digestions.

Changes in the pregnant woman's body

Due to the considerable size of the belly falling asleep at this stage of pregnancy is becoming more difficult and suffering from night awakenings is usual.

To be more comfortable, it is convenient to place a pillow between the legs and sleep on the side, better on the left side to facilitate blood circulation.

The baby increases in size and begins to occupy part of the space occupied by the lungs and to move up the stomach. It may be difficult for you to breathe and that with little food you feel full. Therefore, it is essential to lead a quiet life, without stress and to make, at least, 5 small meals a day. Como And as a novelty, from the 31st week of pregnancy, your breasts begin to form milk and, you may notice that a little colostrum comes out of them. Colostrum is the first liquid that will feed the baby until you start producing milk. At this stage, it is best to start using absorbent cotton disks to contain the possible colostrum that may come out of the nipples.

Growth and development of the baby in pregnancy

In the 31st week of pregnancy, it weighs between 1,600 and 1,700 grams approximately and measures around 41-42 centimeters. Throughout this week of pregnancy the nervous system matures and the brain continues to grow. The digestive and respiratory systems continue their development and acquire more and more functions. Thus, the baby's kidney is already capable of eliminating the urine that exits the amniotic fluid. Eliminates about half a liter of urine per day. His skeleton is in full growth and his bones continue to store calcium, phosphorus and iron.

Around the 31st week of gestation, the babies usually place themselves already in cephalic position, the most suitable to be born and if that happens you will notice already their movements in the high part of the abdomen.In your skin, increases the accumulation of subcutaneous fat increases and therefore the color of the skin changes from red to pink. The cheesy vermix, the whitish substance with protective function with which babies are born, increases.Health and emotions during pregnancy

The pH of vaginal discharge changes, so there is a greater tendency to develop vaginal yeast infections such as candidiasis. Candida is a fungus that exists naturally in the vagina and is not harmful when kept at controlled levels. However, when the pH of the vaginal discharge changes it tends to multiply producing symptoms such as itching and burning in the area.

To keep candidiasis at bay, it is advisable to keep the vulva always clean and dry, use cotton panties and avoid slips that are not breathable. Avoid vaginal washes and use only specific neutral soaps. Do not perform any treatment without medical prescription.

It is also possible that due to increased blood flow, swelling or swelling, increased pigmentation and even vulvar varicose veins appear, which can cause discomfort in sexual relationships and disappear after delivery. To prevent this discomfort, avoid staying too long in the same position, neither standing nor sitting and wearing elastic compression stockings. Consult your doctor if you see spots or if you lose blood or other fluid through the vagina.

Surely you will begin to think about the moment of birth and you will often dream of this moment. Reading and gathering all the information about the birth and its phases will help you to face this phase with tranquility.

Diet and feeding for the pregnant woman

Remember that the normal thing is to gain weight from 9 to 13 kilos in pregnancy. So, an excessive gain of weight can increase the risk of suffering certain complications (gestational diabetes, high blood pressure ...). It is not necessary to eat for two, nor eat more, the important thing is to eat better, that is, to take care of quality rather than quantity.

The healthy eating habits that you should follow are: to make five meals a day in a small amount, to avoid heavy digestions, to take grilled or steamed dishes, eat slowly chewing food well, reduce the consumption of fast absorbing sugars ( buns, cakes, soft drinks ...), regularly take carbohydrates (rice, pasta, legumes and cereals), increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables, as they are foods rich in minerals and vitamins, include eggs, milk and dairy products in your diet and drink at least 2 liters of water daily to be well hydrated.

Curiosities of week 31 of pregnancy

The discomforts of pregnancy can make you feel uncomfortable doing the job in your position as always. If you must stay in the same position at work for a long time, your back may ache or you may feel discomfort in your legs. To alleviate this discomfort, try alternately to support each foot on an object at a small height and bend the knees from time to time to unload your back, if you have to stand for a long time.

If you have to sit for a long time, it will help to get up from your site every half hour and move your legs and arms. Sitting frequently moves the ankles to improve venous return and supports the back straight on the back of the chair, placing the legs at right angles to the floor. And remember that exercise helps reduce discomfort and muscle stiffness.