The brothers. All about your education

The decision to have a child will mark a before and after in the life of a couple. The next important step is to decide if you want to have one or more children. Obviously, the family with one child is very different from the one with two or more children . The relationship between the brothers will

The decision to have a child will mark a before and after in the life of a couple. The next important step is to decide if you want to have one or more children.

Obviously, the family with one child is very different from the one with two or more children. The relationship between the brothers will bring a great number of advantages and also some disadvantage.

How to educate the brothers

Jealousy between brothers, fights... are the big problems that families with several children will have to face. However, all of them bring great benefits to children. They will learn to cooperate, to solve conflicts and to be more tolerant ... has selected the most interesting articles about children and the relationship between siblings, to help you solve any doubt or problem that may arise.

The advantages of having siblings. The brothers bring a lot of things to the children. They are a safe value in learning values. The brothers have to learn to share, to cope with jealousy, to respect each other ... We explain why it is good to have a brother.

Advantages and disadvantages of the age difference. The difference in age between the brothers affects the organization and family relationships. It is convenient to keep it in mind to prepare the older one and to organize your life according to the upbringing.

How are your children according to the order of birth. According to a recent study, the birth order of siblings within a family says a lot about each person's personality and attitude.

The favorite son. Very few parents want to acknowledge it, but there is favoritism towards one of the children. We tell you why this favoritism occurs and how it manifests itself.

The eldest son. Characteristics of older brothers. How to educate the oldest of the children. Education tips for the big brother. Relationship of the big brother with the little brother.

The middle child. Characteristics of the second child of three. There is always talk of the younger brother and the younger brother. And the one in the middle? We tell you how the son in the middle is and what you should take into account when educating him.

The little son How is the young son? We tell you how you should educate the youngest of the brothers. Characteristics of young children and advice to educate them.

The importance of the brothers. The importance of the brothers from childhood to old age. The brothers not only have genes, culture, education or social class in common, they also share the same experiences within the family and live the same events.

Errors of parents that generate jealousy in their children. How to avoid child jealousy Advice for father. Errors that parents make and that generate jealousy in their children. Why the brothers are jealous

The jealousy of the first towards his brother. Jealousy between brothers. If your child is jealous of the baby that has just arrived, it is best to put yourself in his place. Surely it will give you some grief, especially when it comes to a child still small.

Consequences of jealousy between brothers. Jealousy is inevitable. The jealousy between brothers generates negative consequences, but also positive, that will be reflected in the development and in the behavior and behavior of the child.

The overprotective brothers. How are the overprotective brothers. Advice for parents with children who overprotect their siblings. Negative aspects of having an overprotective brother.

Advantages and disadvantages of having a protective brother. Advantages of having a protective brother. What benefits does it have for a child to have a protective brother? Disadvantages for our son to have a brother who protects him too much.

The syndrome of the dethroned prince. The arrival of a new baby can cause jealousy in the older brother. This situation, known as the syndrome of the dethroned prince, can fill the biggest of the house with frustration and negative feelings. We give you some tips to help your child overcome this change.

5 tips to avoid sibling fights. A video shows us how two twin sisters fight over a toy. None is willing to give. It is quite normal for brothers to fight. After all, they must share many things and learn to live together. Should parents intervene or let them alone solve their conflicts?

Sibling bullying. Signs that indicate bullying or bullying among siblings. What is bullying among siblings and how can we detect it? Causes of bullying among siblings.

How to stop bullying among siblings. How to stop a case of bullying or harassment between siblings. 6 steps to stop family harassment between siblings. How parents should react to bullying among siblings.

How to strengthen the bond between brothers. The family relationship and especially the bond between siblings is very important throughout life. That is why it is necessary that the bonds that are built be strong and lasting, and it is the parents who have the power to achieve this since the little ones are born.

How long can the brothers bathe together? The brothers bathe many times together. When they are babies, they have fun and it is more comfortable for parents. But there comes a time when children ask for more intimacy.

Movies for children about siblings. Movies about brothers for children. The best children's films about brothers. Brother movies to watch as a family. How to talk about the brothers through film movies.

Original ideas for photographing brothers. How to make original photos to the brothers. The most fun ideas to make a souvenir photo of the children. Funny ideas spara make different photos to brothers. Original photos of brothers and sisters.

Why mothers confuse the names of children. Most mothers succeed: they confuse the names of their children. Even, they confuse them with those of their pets. Why does this happen? Is there any scientific explanation?

How to tell your child that he will have a brother. Different and original ways to tell your child that he will have a brother or sister. Funny videos of children's reaction when they learn that their mom is pregnant.

Stories for children of brothers. Educate your child with stories. Selection of the best stories in Spanish, in Children's stories that help children avoid and fight fights and conflicts with siblings.

Children with a hospitalized brother. If a child has to stay in a hospital for a long time, he will need care and affection, in double. Being in a hospital is not the same as being at home, at school, or in a playground.

Have an older brother. When I started going to school, I had my six brothers in higher grades. Although it is clear that today this is not at all common, this situation had many more advantages than disadvantages in the school environment. What I will never forget is that nobody, but nobody, dared to mess with me ...

How to divide the attention to three children. How to educate children when dealing with large families. How to distribute attention among children when they are more than two. Large family. Education when you have three children.

How to get the brothers not to fight. Sibling fights tend to occur quite frequently. It is normal. What many parents do not know is how to avoid them or at least try to decrease them as much as possible. We give you some advice.

Fights between brothers. Conflicts between brothers are part of everyday life in homes where there are brothers. These are fights that tend to happen very little when the children are small but begin to intensify around the age of 6.

Foster the bond between sisters. The relationship between sisters is one of the closest bonds that our daughters will have throughout their lives and this will influence their personality. The sisters treat each other as equals, learn to share, respect and live together.