The swan princess. Stories for children

The swan princess is a story for children from 8 years old, since the plot is complex to understand for younger children. A prince, an enchanted princess and an evil sorcerer participate in the story. To break the spell that makes Princess Odette stop being a swan, she must find true love. This stor

The swan princess is a story for children from 8 years old, since the plot is complex to understand for younger children. A prince, an enchanted princess and an evil sorcerer participate in the story. To break the spell that makes Princess Odette stop being a swan, she must find true love.

This story speaks of true love, of the obstacles that it often encounters and of the falsehoods and pitfalls that it must overcome.

The Swan Princess. Children's stories of love

A long time ago, S Prince Sifredo was celebrating his twenty-first birthday, together with his friends, peasants and his tutor, in one of the palace gardens. But his mother was worried about the carefree way of life her son was carrying. He told her that she had to marry to occupy the throne, since she was already very old. The queen organized a dance, to be held the next day, where all the marriageable maidens of the kingdom would be invited and at the end of that dance he would have to choose one to marry her and thus be crowned king. This news causes melancholy in Sifredo since he will not be able to marry for love, his friends and his tutor try to encourage him. In that they see a flock of swans passing in the middle of the night, one of their friends suggests they start a game of hunting, Sifredo accepts, everyone grabs their weapons and goes in search of the swans.

Later, during the sunset, Sifredo separates from his friends and arrives at a beautiful lake on the edge of a ruined castle. There he manages to see a swan swimming, he aims with his crossbow to kill him, but is shocked to see that the swan becomes a young and beautiful princess named Odette.

Odette tells him that she and her friends are condemned to live an eternity under a spell that the evil sorcerer Rothbart imposed on them: Many years ago Odette lived happily in the castle with her parents, when she turned 16, her parents offered a great party in the palace, this party was ruined by the sorcerer Rothbart, who could become an owl, the spell to Odette and her friends with a spell; by the day she and her friends would be turned into swans and at night they would again become human, but they could not leave the enchanted lake filled with the tears of suffering of Odette's parents. The spell could only be broken if someone who had never loved before swear to love Odette forever.

From one moment to another Rothbart descends like an owl to the lake and upon seeing him, Sifredo threatens to kill Rothbart, but Odette intercedes and begs Sifredo for Rothbart, since if he kills him, the spell can never be broken. Sifredo releases the weapon and Rothbart returns to transform Odette and her friends into swan so that the prince can not break the spell. Odette swims away as a swan and Rothbart turns into an owl and flies away.

Sifredo talks to Odette's friends and promises to swear eternal love to Odette the next night, but soon it dawns and Sifredo must leave.

Later, at night, the party is celebrated in the castle where Sifredo must choose a wife. Enter the queen mother next to Sifredo and the master of ceremonies begins the celebration. The marriageable young women are introduced and the queen asks Sifredo to dance with six princesses and choose one as a fiancée. Sifredo complains that he does not love any of them. He thinks of Odette, refuses to choose a wife and his mother gets angry with him. At that moment the master of ceremonies announces the arrival of an unknown nobleman and his daughter. It is the baron and the evil sorcerer Rothbart who arrives in disguise at the party with his daughter, the wicked witch Odile. The evil sorcerer Rothbart has transformed his daughter Odile into Odette, so that for Sifredo she is almost identical to Odette in all respects, except that she wears black instead of white. The prince, enchanted by the sorcerer, thinks he sees Odette in Odile, turned into Odette. Odette, transformed into a white swan, appears in a window of the castle and in vain tries to warn Sifredo that he is being deceived. But Sifredo remains outside and proclaims in court that he intends to make his wife Odile, turned into Odette.

The queen mother accepts and Sifredo swears to Odile eternal love. Rothbart unmasks the whole lie and shows Sifredo a magical vision of Odette, transformed into a white swan, in the distance. Odile then stops looking like Odette and transforms and recovers her true face from Odile, content to have tricked Sifredo into believing that Odile when she was transformed into Odette, was her beloved, beloved and beloved Odette. Sifredo realizes his terrible mistake and, despondent by the pain, runs desperate towards the lake.

On the shores of the lake the swan maidens sadly await the arrival of Odette. She arrives crying desperate for the betrayal of Sifredo and tells them the sad events of the party in the palace. The swan maidens try to comfort her, but she resigns herself to live without Sifredo's love. In that Sifredo appears imploring his pardon. She forgives him and the couple reaffirms his love. Rothbart appears and insists that Sifredo fulfill his promise to marry Odile, after which Odette will be transformed into a swan forever. Rothbart locks Odette in the ruins of the old castle so he does not escape. Sifredo fights against Rothbart but this one escapes turned into an owl, so Sifredo shoots him with his crossbow and Rothbart falls with his wounded wing, when he falls he tears off his amulet and thus, kills the source of his powers thus breaking the spell.

Odette and her friends are transformed into human again, Odile, the daughter of Rothbart, is condemned to live an eternity turned into a black swan, Rothbart dies and Sifredo and Odette seal their love with a kiss and go to the palace, where They got married and lived happily ever after.

Story sent by Andrés Gutierrez Figueroa