Recommendations for traveling with children this summer

Family vacations require organization. Moving with the children and all the luggage to another place of residence can be a chaos or become a dream to repeat next summer. To begin with, the word that would best summarize all the recommendations we propose would be PREVISION . When traveling with chil

Family vacations require organization. Moving with the children and all the luggage to another place of residence can be a chaos or become a dream to repeat next summer. To begin with, the word that would best summarize all the recommendations we propose would bePREVISION.

When traveling with children, what are we going to tell you? It is always vital to think beforehand and anticipate what might happen. Only then will we enjoy some, without a doubt, deserved holidays. Here are some recommendations for traveling with children this summer so that we all enjoy the holidays ... especially those who leave with the whole family, including children.

General logistics for family holidays

- Adapt your vacation to children. Plan your holiday destination and activities with the children based on their age and character. Or at least try to match the most with your preferences. Although it may seem to you that a magnificent natural landscape is the most relaxing thing in the world, young children like to have fun and play, so it is advisable to go to places where there are other children and games suitable for the little ones.

- Spain and Italy, perfect destinations. Both countries are two very recommendable places to travel with children, since the culture and the Mediterranean life are especially appropriate to enjoy a family holiday. Restaurants are accustomed to having children having dinner after 7:00 p.m., which is rare in other countries such as the United Kingdom or Germany, where dining with children after mid-afternoon can be complicated.

- Not without my stuffed animal. It is essential to always take your favorite toys and dolls. It is an invaluable resource for meals in restaurants, long trips by plane, bus, trains, etc.

- 24 hours. If we are going to a hotel and our children are small (from 0 to 3 years old), I would recommend always choosing establishments with 24-hour service. You never know when any need may arise that, in the case of children, must be met at once. Hotels with room service 24/7 can solve a crisis in the middle of the night!

- Avoid the tours. Usually, guided tours are not the best solution for traveling with children. Adapting the dynamics of a group of adults to that of a child is usually problematic, since children tend to function with their own agenda.

- Routine. It is also not advisable to continually change hotels, apartments, camping , etc. Kids like routines, so much more stability, the better.Adapts the choice of transportation to children

- By car.

If you plan to travel a long distance, better do it at night. The children will be able to sleep and everything will be much quieter. -

Airplane . Children tend to hurt their ears due to pressure. Since they can not chew gum, it is best to give them their favorite stuffed animal. That will help them relax and forget the pain. Remember also to go with time. Children always delay you, so add an extra half hour to the schedule you have planned to avoid scares at the airport.-

Food and water . You never know when you may need it, so take it in a bag. The same for clothes. You have to have an extra change for each child in the suitcase, in addition to what you already have planned.Destinations to travel with children

- International trips.

If you are going to visit other countries, prepare a list of emergency telephones and make sure you take it with you. Try to collect the maximum information of the hospitals that will be in the cities or areas that you visit. It is also advisable to have local information of interest (telephone number of the police, embassy, ​​etc.) - Wake up your interest.

Get the interest of children about the place you go on vacation through maps, photos or even watching a movie that takes place in your holiday destination. - Surprise activities.

Another way to motivate them is to plan some activities for days with bad weather ... and not tell them! Guard them like an ace in the sleeve and leave them with their mouths open when the time comes. The surprise factor is unpayable with the little ones. - Travel diary.

Write it down and ask for collaborations. Before leaving, make sure you put in your suitcase a notebook and glue to point and paste everything you collect during the holidays: postcards, attractions tickets, etc. Encourage the children to draw and write on the pages of the diary. It will keep them busy, at least for one or two minutes! And it will also be the best memory of a great vacation. - Stroller.

Although they are old enough to walk alone, children always end up getting tired. If you plan to visit a city, make sure you take the stroller with you. Surely your children will thank you for resting and sleeping for a while when they can not take another step. - Hotels.

Make sure the room is large and spacious. Normally, a suite is the perfect size, since in case the hotel does not have childcare service you will need enough space in the room for the children to play, keep their toys, etc. Luis Martí

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