Games to review at home learned knowledge

If the school is the place where children learn knowledge, the house can be the ideal place to review and consolidate all the knowledge learned. In school it is where children learn to read, to write ... but parents can also help children to strengthen all that knowledge through practical review gam

If the school is the place where children learn knowledge, the house can be the ideal place to review and consolidate all the knowledge learned. In school it is where children learn to read, to write ... but parents can also help children to strengthen all that knowledge through practical review games.

Children learn by playing

The best way to review what they have learned at school is play. We propose a series of games for your child to have fun and in the process learn and review everything learned in class. You can improve reading, spelling, or learn simple geometric shapes.

Exercises to reason. Reasoning exercises for children stimulate their intelligence and facilitate learning. What are the problems of logical reasoning for children? Examples of children reasoning exercises.

How to teach geometric figures. Learn the geometric figures. To know how to help a child know how to make geometric figures, gives us the keys to do it easily at home.

Reading comprehension exercises. How can we help improve the reading comprehension of our children? gives us the keys so that children learn to understand everything they read.

Games to exercise the mind. The brain also needs to exercise. We offer you a series of games that your children can do to exercise their mind. They are games of memory and logical deduction, such as riddles or the search for treasure.

Games to learn to read. How can we help children learn to read easily? gives us the keys to be able to give tricks to our son to start reading.

How to improve the spelling. Children usually have problems when it comes to not spelling mistakes, so helps us to know certain tricks to help our children with it.

Teach to count the children. How to teach our children to count? gives us the keys to help the little ones to know how to tell in a simple and fun way.

Games to learn colors. Games to teach and learn colors with children. Educational activities to learn colors. The colors in a fun way. Games with colors.

How to learn the numbers. Children's games for children to learn numbers. Activities for children's learning. The numbers in children's education. Videos to learn the numbers in several languages. How to learn numbers

Games to learn the letters.

To review letters B and V. Here is a way to teach children some spelling rules with the letters b and v. One of the main spelling mistakes when learning to write occurs with these letters. It is easy to make mistakes because the sound is very similar, almost identical.

To review the letter H. How to teach children the orthographic rules of letter h through games. Games to practice with children to write correctly the letter h.

How to learn to put the tilde. Teach your child to write the correct accent in the words. For this, we offer you this summary with the main orthographic rules of the tildes.

Homophones. How to explain to children what a homophonic word is. Games to teach children to use homophones. What does it mean that a word is homophonic and how to explain it to children?

Games to learn the accents. We offer you some fun children's games to teach the meaning of the accents and the difference between tonic and unstressed syllables. How to teach children to correctly position the accent.

Games with words. Games with words for children to learn while having fun. The best way to learn during childhood is the game. Do not hesitate to use it to enrich your vocabulary.

How to teach rhyming children. We propose exercises to teach rhyming children. It is practically a game, with which the little ones will have fun and learn a lot. Rhymes can encourage children to read. Teaching them how to rhyme can be easier than you think. We show you how you can teach rhyming children in an easy and fun way.

To stimulate memory. Games and activities to improve the memory of children. A poem specially dedicated to the stimulation of children's memory. Tips to improve the memory of children.

Teach children to make a summary. There are children who despite studying many hours have a very low school performance, that is why it is so important that from small we do reading comprehension exercises and we teach them to decipher the fundamental content of the text, or what is the same, to make a summary of what they have read.

How to avoid spelling mistakes. We propose some games for your children to learn some spelling rules in a simple and fun way. This way you will end up with some spelling mistakes.

To explain the onomatopoeia. Onomatopoeias are words that imitate sounds. Many stories and especially the comics are full of onomatopoeias. The children have a lot of fun, and they can be useful to make a more attractive children's text.

Teach the children the metaphor. We explain what metaphor is and how you can explain it to your children. In addition, here you will find a series of exercises for children to practice and learn to use this literary resource.

A trick for the table of 9. We teach you a fantastic trick to teach your child and can easily learn the multiplication table of the number 9. Do not miss it, you only need your hands.

The coma. We explain how you can teach children to correctly use the comma. Essential grammar rules to use the comma in sentences.

Adjectives. In Guiainfantil we explain what types of adjectives there are and how children can understand them through the game. A didactic and fun way to learn while playing.

Learn to separate words. To teach and motivate children to separate words in a fun way, as we have done so many times, we will resort to the game. If we tend to read stories and poems with our children out loud, emphasizing the pauses, we will gradually come to understand the meaning of the different words.