The foods that lose weight after childbirth

After childbirth, recovering the figure is one of the most common concerns of mothers. The retention of liquids and the logical increase of the abdomen in pregnancy contribute to the weight gain, which remains after giving birth. Although the volume decreases after the birth of the baby, it is neces

What harms sexual desire after childbirth

For many couples, the arrival of a baby is a revolution in their relationship. Beyond the new responsibilities, the obvious change of life or even the infrastructure that is supposed to welcome the new member of the family, sex can also suffer. Being a parent is such a big change that sexual desire

10 Myths about infant vaccination

Vaccines are intended for the child to generate an immunity against a disease by stimulating the production of antibodies against it. They are usually administered by injection, but also orally or with a nasal spray. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends vaccination and follow the immunizat

Baby crawling. Stages and care

The day your baby starts to crawl you will feel great happiness as well as a huge concern. The house becomes territory to be explored, and parents must walk with a thousand eyes to avoid an accident with our little one. To know how the crawling of the baby develops , what are its phases and what pre

Baby massage strengthens the bond with parents

Therapeutic massage for babies is part of a preventive program that provides a touch of love from the beginning. The massage for babies strengthens the affective bond with the parents. Understanding the benefits of infant massage can improve the quality of parenting and promote the well-being of bot

Early stimulation in premature babies

When we start working with premature babies, we must first know what their corrected age is, that is, how old the baby would be if we counted from the date on which he should have been born, and not from the one that was born. It is important to know this information to determine the moment of devel

How to stimulate the babies' motor skills

The development of a baby's motor skills begins at birth. It will take more than a year to move with agility, stand up and walk safely and each baby needs their own times to develop each of the capacities. It should be clear that not all children learn to crawl at the same time or to be able to pick

Mattresses suitable for babies from 0 to 2 years

Sometimes we believe that things last a lifetime and that our nephew's crib can also serve our baby. And with the crib comes the mattress, since he only used it until he was two years old and is as good as new. Does this situation sound like? Well it is a mistake. We can not give up quality or safet

The appearance of a newborn

One of the most anticipated moments for all pregnant women is one in which labor ends and the baby is in his arms. At that moment they can finally see his face, touch him, kiss him and give him affection, but they realize that the newborn baby does not have that rosy, round look of the ads. It looks

The perception of the senses in babies

Perception is the way in which the brain interprets the information that arrives through the senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch). The perception in the preschool phase is still in the development phase, and the process does not have the same development in all children. Adults and childr

Thirteen month old baby. Development of the baby month by month

When the baby reaches 13 months, it is normal that he has already taken his first steps and that means that he will be able to explore corners of the house that he could not before. Everything catches your attention, so much so that needs like eating and changing diapers, do not arouse your interest

Types of baby cries

During the first year of life, before the baby can pronounce a word, newborns can only communicate through crying. Since always, crying is synonymous with alarm. The human being shares this characteristic with other animals, a trait that produces an immediate response from their parents. At first, c

Alternative births

Pregnancy , the part of the body that most affected is the area of ​​the abdomen. Because of the distension produced by the growth of the baby, it is normal for the belly to be bulky and cost more to return to its previous shape. Although it is necessary to carry out a healthy and balanced diet, and

Alternative births

Lips drying and being dehydrated. Although we always tend to throw cocoa or vaseline so that they hydrate in depth, often we do not have at hand these products that manage to remove the discomfort of lips with open skin . Therefore, it is convenient to know some home remedies that we can get in a si

Beauty routine for new mothers

The work of a mother is one of the most demanding that exists, especially if they are new; We know that taking care of your newborn baby can take away a lot of time and, in many cases, it is difficult to use even a few minutes in your personal care. But, do not be discouraged! For everything there i

Causes of insomnia after childbirth

The happiness of finally having your baby with you is incomparable, but it is true that after childbirth there may be some inconveniences that will complicate your adaptation to your new situation as a mother. And insomnia will be your worst maternity partner. It is evident the transformation that y

Causes of constipation in the postpartum

Pregnant women often suffer from constipation. This problem is due to the increase in the size of the uterus that compresses the intestine preventing normal mobility, and on the other side to the hormonal changes that cause the relaxation of the muscles of the intestine, especially due to the increa

Hair loss after childbirth

Hair loss associated with postpartum is one of the greatest concerns of women in terms of beauty. After the arrival of the baby, the woman may notice a greater amount of hair on the brush, on the pillow, when showering ... Even as it begins to clear, hair loss is real, and generates much anxiety in

Home remedies for tired eyes in the postpartum

After childbirth, life changes completely, and lack of sleep for caring for the baby becomes noticeable in the mother. There are many physical changes that occur in postpartum y, and some that also affect the face, such as perennial circles until the baby has a sleep routine, or eyes tired by the fa

Home remedies to eliminate dark circles in the postpartum

In postpartum , fatigue can lead to physical changes in the mother. After giving birth, dark circles can appear due to fatigue, hormonal changes or the frantic activity of new life after childbirth. These discomforts are very normal, since the hours of sleep are reduced, the occupations with the bab