How to avoid flaccidity after childbirth

When we are pregnant, hay there are many aspects that concern us physically. Although of course the priority is health and the care of the baby, many future mothers think about how their body will be after nine months of gestation. In a process of change as strong as a pregnancy, it is convenient to

How to know if I have diastasis after childbirth

Many women suffer from diastasis after childbirth. This is the separation of the abdominal muscles. During pregnancy, it happens to 100% of women, due to the weight exerted on these muscles by the belly. As the abdomen grows a lot, the central line, "linea alba", expands and diastasis occurs. This s

How to lose belly after pregnancy

After giving birth, the body does not return immediately to the point where it was before gestation. After delivery, the abdomen is still swollen como, like a pregnancy of a few months. Even during the first weeks it is normal to continue wearing the pregnant clothes, since the gut has not returned

How to recover the figure after childbirth

One of the main concerns of all mothers after giving birth is to recover the figure . However, the body needs time to recover after pregnancy and childbirth. Also, during lactation it is not recommended to start any type of diet. Then ... what can we do to have the body back before? Can you lose wei

How to remove skin spots after childbirth

Many pregnant women have a problem when they are expecting a baby: unexpected skin spots appear . Depending on our dermis, we will be more or less likely to appear, but it is true that pregnancy is a stage prone to this happening. To know how to las prevent spots when we wait for a baby, it is neces

Hypopressive gymnastics to lose abdomen after pregnancy

Losing belly, that is the desire of thousands of women who see how their abdomen does not return to its place after pregnancy. However, doing a hundred crunches a day, running 5 kilometers or undergoing harsh aerobic sessions is not easy, or fun, So how do you lose your gut? Among the methods consid

Painful sexual intercourse after childbirth

It is very common in our midwifery clinics for women to attend co for coitalgia (pain during penetration) in the postpartum period. It is common that when they are asked directly about their sexual life after childbirth they describe it as annoying, with a burning sensation, uncomfortable, and even

Pelvic congestion after pregnancy

During pregnancy, major changes occur in the body of women, in the vast majority of devices and systems. One of the most striking are the circulatory changes. They entail a great increase in blood flow to the reproductive organs and the genital area, to allow not only the growth and development of t

Reflexology in the postpartum or puerperium

Reflexology during pregnancy is a key element to maintain our health and well-being in perfect balance, it will prepare us physically and emotionally to receive the arrival of the new baby, but, what happens when our little one is incorporated into the outside world? Our passionate and instinctive f

Squats to recover the figure after childbirth

For many moms, losing the figure after pregnancy is a headache. Although the health of the baby is the most important, mothers also want to feel beautiful and healthy after having experienced the precious process of being pregnant. Getting the figure back is not easy, but with the help of a healthy

The most effective fruits and vegetables to lose weight after childbirth

If there is something that all mothers have clear after having given birth, it is convenient to return as soon as possible to the figure they had before pregnancy . Beyond the aesthetic issue, the importance of recovering the size is also due to a health concept, to be more healthy and active and no

The most requested surgeries after delivery

Recovering the figure after pregnancy takes time and a lot of effort. As the arrival of the baby is an authentic revolution in the life of the mother at all levels, we can find ourselves without time to dedicate ourselves to ourselves. Therefore, many women opt for cosmetic surgery to recover their

The pain of wrongs. Why they are produced

You have just had a child . You can not be more happy . You have overcome nine months of pregnancy and a birth more or less painful. And when you thought that everything had happened, you notice again sharp pangs, similar to contractions. They are the wrongs . Why the wrongs occur Keep in mind that

The use of the belt in the postpartum

Many times we find the newly released mothers wearing a girdle, with the aim of hiding the tummy. However, more and more celebrities are showing their natural bodies after giving birth (as in the case of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton), with the bulging, logical abdomen of a woman who has

Tips to recover the figure after pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most important stages in the life of women and, although the arrival of a baby is a moment of happiness, it is also accompanied by discomfort postpartum, especially, the extra kilos that pregnancy leaves in the body. Some mothers manage to recover their figure in several mont

Tips to avoid postpartum anemia

Anemia or lack of iron is one of the most frequent problems during pregnancy. If the anemia in pregnancy can harm the development of the baby , we must also take into account that anemia in the postpartum that affects the mother. Discarded a health problem, anemia is caused by a lack of iron and tha

Treatments to eliminate fluid retention after childbirth

Pregnancy is a process of constant change, where the skin and body go through a series of processes that the body has never experienced before. One of the problems that many pregnant women usually have during pregnancy and after giving birth is fluid retention . Many women are prone to retain liquid

Tricks for sagging belly after childbirth

During pregnancy, the logical growth of the abdomen causes the skin to stretch and become much more elastic to house the baby. This usually leads to flaccidity of the belly area in the postpartum period that is difficult to eliminate, at least during the first weeks. Many mothers want to have a firm

Tricks to treat insomnia after childbirth

Finally you have your baby at home and you begin the adventure of motherhood. Happiness arrives in equal parts with certain inconveniences derived from the new situation, starting with the postpartum discomfort among which insomnia is particularly important. Insomnia after delivery is inevitable due

Videos of exercises for the postpartum with the baby

The time you dedicate to your baby after delivery should not be an excuse for not exercising. The only infallible recipe to recover the figure in the postpartum is to take a healthy and balanced diet and of course, to do soft exercise. Walking is fantastic during postpartum, although it is best to p