What are the lochia after childbirth and how to take care of them

The puerperium or postpartum period is the period between the moment in which your baby is born and the placenta is expelled, and the physical recovery of the mother. It is popularly attributed a month and a half or two months duration, but it will depend on the type of delivery, on its own nature o

What is the diastasis after childbirth

Many women complain about staying after giving birth with a 'flab' gut. Some are passed in a few months, and they manage to recover their figure. But others, on the other hand, have more problems. Every time they eat something, they feel again how the gut swells up. Why does this happen? It is the s

10 Basic reflexes of the newborn baby

Babies seem to us tender and helpless creatures ... and although they are, they also have some amazing abilities. Newborns have special reflexes that help them during the first months of life and disappear with time. has selected the 10 basic reflexes of the newborn baby . Some are

10 Ideas to connect with your baby

Unite, connect, establish a communication, start a relationship ..., in short, connect. This is what we do since our baby is born: we try to connect with him in order to understand him, attend to his needs, transmit affection, feed him, take care of him and make him feel protected. And that is to es

10 Warning signs in newborn babies

According to the World Health Organization - WHO - almost 45 percent of children under the age of five who die every year are newborn infants, that is, babies less than 28 days old or in the neonatal period; Three out of every four baby deaths occur in the first week of life and many of these deaths

15 Games to encourage the fine motor skills of babies

We refer to fine motor skills when we talk about the motor skills that allow the child to make small and very precise movements, especially related to the upper extremities (arms, hands and fingers), and in which the oculi-manual coordination is fundamental. We can deduce, therefore, that it is a ty

19 Month old baby. Development of the baby month by month

Your baby is more than a year and a half old and has much more safety and stability when walking. In fact, he is able to run and try to go up and down stairs, a very interesting challenge. The nineteen month old baby can already follow a diet very similar to the rest of the family. Milk continues to

21 Month old baby. Development of the baby month by month

Time passes so fast that almost without realizing your baby is near two years old . His nose and baby's hearing are excellent, while the view is not fully mature and sometimes it is difficult for him to recognize what is around him. Therefore, the hand and mouth are his great allies, recognizes the

Baby of 22 months. Development of the baby month by month.

Twenty-two-month-old babies are able to walk and run safely and have better stability. This ability to control his body leads him to perform actions that were previously impossible. Jumping from the crib can be one of them, therefore, it is convenient that you make the change to the bed. At this sta

23 Month old baby. Development of the baby month by month

As the baby approaches the age of two, he is able to communicate better with the people around him. You can already have conversations with him that, although they are not very fluid, allows you to better understand what he wants or what happens to him at every moment. If in the previous months, he

3 Postures to get the baby's gas

One of the most common discomforts among newborns comes from the difficulty of expelling the air after each feeding . So the gas retained causes pain and irritability. We explain what are the best positions to help the baby to expel the air. Point these 3 postures to get the baby's gas and avoid tha

5 Tips on pajamas for babies

Children's clothes are a very delicate subject that must be carefully chosen. To avoid feeling uncomfortable, sweating excessively or not conforming to the clothes they wear, you have to choose fabrics such as cotton and soft clothing. The same applies to pajamas, a necessary piece of clothing for b


Maybe you have some doubts when buying the earrings, or maybe you do not even consider some important issues before buying the earrings for her. Which material is the best? What kind of closure? Can you have any form? We reveal all your doubts. How to choose the earrings of the baby 1. The material

5 Tips to choose the baby stroller

Maternity takes you to make decisions of all kinds, some more relevant than others, but all essential for the development of your baby. Choosing the food, education, environment and safety of the baby is not easy, so it is better that each decision is considered and you inform yourself before all th

6 Tips to help babies walk

After 12 months, most babies are ready to walk. Some are released fast. Others, however, find it difficult to take their first steps. Maybe because of insecurity or simply because they need to be encouraged. As soon as you notice that your child already has the ability to stand for a long time witho

7 Fun games to help your baby talk

Around four months babies begin to babble, before they make some sounds and gossip, but this is their way of getting started in speech, to approach language. Beginning with this stage, the babies will begin to emit their first phonemes and will be able to say single words between the year and 15 mon

Activities to stimulate the baby's senses

From a newborn baby to an adult, everything we know about the world around us comes from the interpretation of the messages received by the senses. Sensory experiences are pleasant and benefit people . These experiences try to stimulate the primary senses without having an elaborate intellectual act

Activities with mirrors for babies and children

Throughout the first 2 years of age, it is vital that the child develops a series of areas. For this we have different activities and games that we can do with the children so that they can learn and know themselves. In the knowledge of oneself, we have a crucial element in the first 24 months of li

Advantages and disadvantages of the baby walker

When we imagine that our baby will begin to take its first steps, in our mind appears the magical image of the child moving from crawling to walking holding our hand. However, many babies need a plus stimulation and this may come motivated thanks to the use of walker . It is a device defended and cr

Advantages of the baby looking at you when you speak

The facial expression of the parents when they address the baby teaches the baby as much as the words themselves. The non-verbal language is very important when communicating, so if you want your baby to learn to speak correctly you should always look at the face. I tell you what are the advantages