Children's First Communion

The First Communion is one of the most anticipated religious celebrations for Catholic girls and boys between 8 and 10 years of age. To receive First Communion it is necessary that they have received the baptism and that they have attended a catechism course that can last two or three years, dependi

Fun games to celebrate Halloween

The most magical and terrifying night of the year is about to arrive and children are already beginning to notice the desire to enjoy this Halloween. We want everything to be perfect, so we propose a Halloween party that children can not forget. Costumes, candy, scary dinner and games for all to spe

Funny mummy recipes for Halloween

The children's Halloween party will be much more fun if, apart from all the decoration you can make, we prepare a delicious and curious recipes in the shape of mummies . Mummies are very used characters in decoration as well as Halloween recipes. The Halloween night arrives and many times we do not

Games for children in Carnival

The Carnivals are a fun party, especially for the little ones in the house, who enjoy getting into the shoes of their favorite superhero or a fairy tale princess. That is why they are a type of party that lends itself to the realization of games with children . Spending a fun time with them never hu

Benefits of rugby for children

We know that in order for our children to grow up healthy and have a better quality of life they must practice some sport. The question that arises is which is the most appropriate sport for each child and the answer will have to be found in the family, also taking into account the child's tastes an

Games for First Communion of children

There is a very special occasion that many children expect excited: the day of First Communion. An event in which they are the protagonists, and which they share with friends and family. In addition to the religious celebration, the choice of costume and the organization of the food, we must take in

Gift ideas for Mother's Day

Not everything depends on money. Money can buy a lot, but there are gifts that cost nothing and make the person who receives it happy. Mother's Day is a good time to make a gift to mothers that does not cost money. It is an ideal occasion for children to recognize the value of mothers and at the sam

Girls imitate mothers. Such a mother such a daughter

Mothers are usually the main learning model for their daughters. The girl learns by observing gestures, customs and habits, expressions, and even every word her mother says. It is normal for girls to want to do and look like their mother, in many situations, especially in their evolutionary stage. G

The guests to the children's birthday parties

The theme of the children's birthdays, is a theme that can create an ambivalent feeling for the parents, because on the one hand it is the most important date of the year, but on the other hand there is What to think about what you want to do to make the child feel that his day is special. The first

Halloween make-up for children

If you've always wanted to give the final touch to the costume of your child with an original and very special makeup, in we teach you how to make terrifying Halloween makeups. You do not need to be an expert, just follow our step by step, and you can make up your vampire son, witch

Videos of origami crafts for Halloween

You do not need to buy decorative items for the Halloween party, you can make the decorations yourself with a little imagination and desire to spend some time entertaining family. We teach you how to make original and terrifying crafts with paper using the origami technique. They are origami crafts

Horrific ghost cookies for Halloween

These ghost cookies will animate any Halloween party, they are ideal to do as a family and spend a fun evening preparing them and decorating them. Quick and simple, a good choice to start in pastry. In addition to spending time with the children in the kitchen, you will get some perfect cookies for

Ideas for the children's birthday party

The birthday party of a child is one of the most special moments of the year. All parents want their child's party to be perfect and that both he and his friends have a good time full of fun. In Guiainfantil we have prepared a series of activities so that your children's birthday parties are unique

Ideas to make the best pictures with dad

The relationship between parents and children is very special, prove it by keeping an unforgettable memory: a photo. We leave you some original and creative ideas to make fun and unique photographs that capture the moments with the parents. Sharing a photo session is a fun way to spend an afternoon

Mother's Day in the world

Mother, mum, mutter, mère, mãe, mamma, anne, maa ... We can call it in different ways, but it will always be 'mom'. All the countries of the world dedicate a day to them, a day in which they recognize their invaluable work and dedication. At the end of the day without them, without the mothers , lif

Movies for children about mothers

The mothers are without doubt the most important women in our lives. Moms deserve all the gifts of the world, but undoubtedly one of the most special is sharing a family movie evening. That's why we propose you some pretty movies in which moms have a very special role. Children can enjoy watching th

Princess dresses for First Communion

All girls who make First Communion want to feel princesses for a day. Of course, it is a very special day, since in addition to the religious ceremony, she will be surrounded by her entire family. Therefore, we also have to take into account that the photos will be for life and that styling is also

Sayings and songs about parents

The proverb is nothing more than a popular saying that contains a thought, a teaching or a reflection. Sayings have no author, are anonymous, and is that someone at a certain time said such a sentence and it was transmitted socially to become popular. There are sayings that convey a popular wisdom a

Sayings and songs about mothers

In we offer you a series of sayings and songs about mothers. These are phrases that contain a thought or reflection on how mothers are. There are funny sayings, curious or original about mothers who transmit popular wisdom. With these sayings about moms we want to celebrate Mother's

Scorpion hairstyle for your daughter's Halloween costume

If you are one of those who celebrate Halloween and disguise children, this hairstyle will serve as inspiration . It is a very original hairstyle that will attract attention. All you need is for your daughter to have a very long mane. Pay attention to the explanations of Olga González , beautician a