10 Rare diseases that affect children

What are rare diseases? These are those that have a low incidence in the population, that is, that affect a very limited number of people. A disease is considered rare when it only affects less than 5 people in 10 000 inhabitants. Although few people suffer from a rare disease in particular, many ar

10 Road safety tips for children from 0 to 3 years old

The doors of nursery schools in the hours of entry and exit become a chaos of cars, parents and baby carts. Parents often try to leave the car on the doors of the daycare center, sometimes putting the child and other pedestrians at risk. Also, sometimes infractions or carelessness are committed when

10 Things you did not know about children's teeth

Many myths, erroneous beliefs or traditions that should be dismantled circulate around children's teeth. And there are some who believe that baby teeth can not have decay, that braces must be placed before the fall of all teeth, that teething causes a fever or that the baby is irritated in the diape

10 Things you must do to prevent your child from choking

Choking in children is very common in children, more than we think, so much so that it is the second cause of death in children under 3 years. It occurs when a piece of food or other object gets stuck in the high or middle way and prevents oxygen from reaching, not only the lungs, but also the brain

10 Things you should have at home before the arrival of a hurricane

Harvey, Irma or José ... Hurricanes or tropical storms can be devastating. Sometimes, before the arrival of a hurricane, you can opt for two measures: evacuate the area and travel to another place or stay at home with the children. If you opt for this second option, you should consider some tips. Wr

10 Things you should know about breast cancer

Breast cancer is the most diagnosed and frequent in women and also one of the main causes of death, although it is true that mortality is higher in developed countries. This high incidence in women makes early detection the great ally to increase the chances of cure. Self-exploration and mammography

10 Tips to eliminate lice from children

Lice and nits are one of the most annoying problems faced by children and their parents, so brings you information about what they are, how to prevent them and how to eliminate them. The constant contact between children in schools and parks causes 1 of 4 children to suffer lice or

10 Tips to prevent accidents in childhood

Most accidents that occur at home with babies and children are the responsibility of the parents or the adult who cares for them. It is not that they cause these accidents, but they could have avoided them. Thinking about it, the Spanish Association of Pediatrics of Primary Care , together with the

12 Signs and signs that can indicate a breast cancer

Surely many of you will have seen this image through social networks these days. It came to me through email and it seemed clear, quick and simple material to alert women about some symptoms that may indicate breast cancer. As you know, breast cancer is a degenerative disease that when not treated i

15 False beliefs about children with ADHD

In the last decades we have heard about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) on many occasions and, most of us, we believe we know and understand perfectly that it is ADHD, but do we have the correct information? There are many myths or false beliefs about children with ADHD. Everyone say


According to the WHO, if the current trends are maintained, this number will increase to 70 million by 2025. That is why we must put measures from the family to stop it, these are 4 guidelines to avoid overweight in children. Tips to avoid overweight in children Overweight in children is obviously o


Thao Foundation . Useful guidelines for children to eat better These tips are born from a study of the environment during mealtime in childhood, an observational study that collects family interactions at the time of childhood food and parenting strategies and mothers when it comes to influencing th


However, in Guiainfantil we propose a way to escape them with these 10 tips to ensure that children do not get sick in winter ... and parents either! Guidelines to prevent children from getting sick in winter Influenza during the winter months can become epidemic, as well as pharyngitis, bronchitis,


At Christmas, loud noises and sounds increase and children's ears may suffer. However, there are ways to prevent your sensitive ears from being damaged. For example, we can not forget to protect the ears from the cold or to move away from pyrotechnic areas. But we have more advice to protect the ear


They only attack if they feel threatened . Although there are more than forty thousand different species of spiders, only some are really dangerous, such as the black widow or the brown recluse that can cause death. Usually their bites do not cause more than a small rash, redness or pain in the affe


Children often put their hands on their faces, eyes or mouth very easily so that dirt can come into contact with the body causing infections due to germs or other damage that can be caused by harmful substances that can accumulate under the ones. Therefore it is advisable to take into account these


The most logical thing is to take our son to the pediatrician to do tests and try to discover the origin of this pain . But while, we can try to alleviate this annoyance. There are foods that favor the stomach. We tell you which ones. What foods to give the child when his stomach hurts Evidently, co


They also need to know that if having a child is exhausting, a child with ADHD sometimes is even more so, and sometimes it requires more patience. Therefore, the psychopedagogical intervention is not only aimed at children but also must include their families. It is essential to inform them about th


Eye redness, which may associate other symptoms, depending on the cause that is motivating it, such as "foreign body sensation", eye swelling, pain, blemishes, photophobia, lachrymation, etc. Below we will explain several false myths about conjunctivitis in children. Nine false beliefs about conjunc


And wrong beliefs that we should banish forever. From we want to clarify certain doubts that still exist about this disorder, and for this we have asked for the collaboration of parents and experts from the Autism Federation Madrid (Spain). Here are some of the myths that exist abou