Variety of fillings : with strawberries, with apple, with toffee ... or the classic chocolate filling. Thus, although the recipe is similar, the trunk will never be the same, although you repeat it every Christmas. From, we offer you a selection of recipes for Christmas trunks, so t

Appetizer recipes to watch the Olympics with the children

One of the things that children like the most when we sit on the couch to watch a football, basketball, volleyball game ... and some competitions Olympic Games (JJOO 2016) , are the appetizers that we share. There is not much left for the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro , and it's about time we prepared

Cooking recipes for children

We gather a selection of the best cooking recipes for children. They are fun recipes, with a strong family flavor. We suggest that the children's food should be as simple as possible to be able to select the children's menu. We believe that the simplicity and tradition of the recipes are the secrets

Croquettes recipes for children

Croquettes are one of the favorite dishes for children . In addition, its versatility and ease of preparation make it an excellent complement for both lunch and dinner. They are also ideal for birthday parties or another celebration. In we want to show you a wide selection of recipe

Funny cooking with eggs for children

Children can have fun eating as well as preparing their own food. The time to prepare food can be a very entertaining time if we let them put into practice their creativity and imagination. Thinking about it, has selected some very curious and simple ideas of fun dishes that we can

Homemade chicken broth. Easy recipe for the whole family

The homemade chicken broth is a perfect traditional recipe for any time of year, any meal and any age. It is light, healthy and can also serve as a base for many other dishes, such as soups, creams, sauces or rice dishes. Before resorting to the rescued briks of chicken broth or pill, in Guiainfanti

Ice cream for children. Home Recipes

Although we can take them at all times of the year, it is in summer when we are more encouraged to prepare and to take ice cream. Thinking of them, has developed a lot of homemade ice cream recipes, of varied flavors and textures. They are simple and easy to prepare ice cream recipe

Tortilla recipes for children

Tortillas are one of the most versatile recipes of international gastronomy. There is a wide variety of dishes that include omelets stuffed with all kinds of ingredients como, such as meat, fish and vegetables. In we want to share with you a selection of tortilla recipes so you can

Quick recipes in children's pot

When preparing the weekly menu it is important to include a variety of foods in children's diet, but also to maximize comfort. Making pot recipes allows us to save time and get nutritious, healthy and delicious dishes. From traditional stews to cocido madrileño , in GuiaInfantil we bring you some of

Recipes for children by country. International children's cuisine

Gastronomy is undoubtedly a very important part of the culture of a country, that's why there are many popular recipes that tend to become the typical dishes for both tourists and families that prepare them at home. If you want to teach your children to try different foods and know the customs of th

Recipes with chocolate for children

Chocolates, cakes, biscuits, milkshakes, cookies ... with chocolate you can do everything in the kitchen. Moreover, chocolate is used even to make sauces or fillings for meats. It is no wonder that this irresistible sweet, has aroused the interest of the French in determining a day especially chocol

Recipes with zucchini, simple and easy has selected and developed, step by step, a few recipes with zucchini, easy and simple, so that we can prepare them for our children. Zucchini is a vegetable that, because of its delicate texture and flavor, children like. The zucchini is a very versatile food because with it you ca

Recipes of salty tortillas and sweets for children

Tortilla is a very recurrent recipe in gastronomy, and there are infinite variations, incorporating different vegetables, meat and even fish. It is a very complete and easy to prepare food, that's why it is very grateful for the children's dinner. presents traditional and innovative

Simple recipes of meatballs for children

The meatballs are one of the easiest meals to prepare and like both children and parents, since in addition to being very easy to cook, they provide numerous nutrients in the diet of the little ones. Now you can vary your recipes and cook them in different ways so that your children can feed on vege

Teach a child to eat from a newborn

Teaching a child to eat well is, without a doubt, a gift of inestimable value that we as parents make towards his adult life. To do this, we must start from the beginning, since we have our precious and precious newborn in arms, following a few simple tips. 8 tips to teach a child to eat from a newb

The 10 most popular recipes in 2015

If there is one thing we should be clear about, it is that the diet, along with the exercise, is the basis for good health. Maintaining a balanced diet is the pillar to ensure the proper growth of our children. Never forget that children need to make five meals a day , and that between those meals w

The best recipes of the grandmothers

The best recipes, the tastiest, the most balanced, are the recipes of the grandmothers. Because they know how to unite the flavor of traditional dishes and experience like nobody else. Here we offer you a collection of recipes, the best recipes of the grandmothers, that have been passed down from ge

Videos of Carnival candy recipes for children

Funny proposals of traditional dessert recipes de Carnival to celebrate with these special days with children. Typical sweets typical of Carnival parties that so much like the smallest of the house. Take advantage of these videos with step-by-step instructions and teach the culinary traditions of Ca

Videos of Christmas dessert recipes for children

Here you have some excellent proposals for dessert recipes to celebrate special days with children such as Christmas. You can not miss the sweets of the parties at Christmas dinners and dinners. Take advantage of these videos with step-by-step instructions and teach the culinary traditions of Christ

Videos of Halloween candy recipes for children

Original ideas of dessert recipes to celebrate special days with children such as Halloween. Fun and scary sweets typical of the Halloween party that so much like the little ones. Take advantage of these videos with step-by-step instructions and teach your children's culinary Halloween traditions. D