33 Weeks of pregnancy

The week 33 of pregnancy is a very important stage in the growth of the baby due to its great advances in brain development and the functioning of all its senses. It is almost time to be born and its head circumference continues to gain centimeters in pregnancy week by week, and the baby continues t

The week 33 of pregnancy is a very important stage in the growth of the baby due to its great advances in brain development and the functioning of all its senses. It is almost time to be born and its head circumference continues to gain centimeters in pregnancy week by week, and the baby continues to increase weight gain.

The pregnant mother should start preparing for the birth of the baby by establishing their emotional bond by talking to her and singing to her on a daily basis, as she can listen to everything she says.

Changes in the body of the pregnant woman

You will feel your baby's movements more clearly, especially his kicks. You may perceive more intense contractions and notice that your chest loses a little milk or colostrum.

At this point of pregnancy, your belly will be the center of all eyes. By the shape of your belly, you may be told if your baby will be a boy or girl and also check if you are high or low to calculate your possible delivery date. Have fun with all this, but avoid comparisons, especially if there are other pregnant women around you and the contour of your belly does not look like yours. Each pregnancy is different, even in the same woman, each pregnancy is different from the previous one. The physical constitution prior to pregnancy and the position of the baby inside the uterus determine the shape of your belly.

You may be very curious about your baby's sex. Although sex was defined at the beginning of conception, in the third trimester ultrasound you will be able to discover it clearly. If you do not want to wait longer, there are already home tests to know the sex of the baby or you can simply take a look at the traditional Chinese table of conception.

Starting with theperineum massages la, the area surrounding the vagina, can prevent tears in the perineum at the time of delivery or the need to perform an episiotomy.Development and growth of the baby in pregnancy

In week 33 of pregnancy,

your baby weighs about 2 kilograms and measures about 45 centimeters . Your nervous system continues to mature and in your brain there is an important cranial expansion. The most curious thing about this stage is that it has been discovered that the baby has periods of sleep and wakefulness as any newborn, since it has been observed by ultrasound that realizes It has been discovered that from week 33 of pregnancy, the fetus performs Fast eye movements (REM) that can be a sign that the baby dreams inside the uterus. It is believed that for a fetus, dreaming can play a crucial role in stimulating and growing the brain.Your five senses are already functioning in week 33 of pregnancy.

With your eyes you can already see the liquid world that surrounds you, with your tongue you can taste the amniotic fluid that you swallow, with your skin feel the touch of the finger that sucks, and with your ears hear the beat of the heart and the voice of your mother . It is understood that it could also smell, although this is not possible in the liquid medium in which it grows.The cranial circumference of the baby has increased almost 1.25 centimeters in recent days due to the brain expansion of the 33rd week of gestation. The formation of the teeth (odontogenesis) is almost complete, the lungs have almost completed their maturation process and the digestive system is almost ready (the liver continues to store iron). The skin acquires a smooth and soft texture, thanks to the cheesy vérmix (whitish protective substance) and the subcutaneous fat continue to increase. The hair begins to lengthen.

As the baby has grown amazingly, it has less room to move. Even so, you perceive their movements intensely because their muscle tone has improved.

Health and emotions during pregnancy

It is important to pay attention to the symptoms of preeclampsia, a disease specific to pregnancy that is characterized by an increase in blood pressure and manifested by sudden weight gain, headaches or discomfort in vision.

Around week 33 of pregnancy, some pregnant women suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, an unusual inflammation of the nerves of the wrists, which causes pain, tingling and numbness in the wrists and fingers of the hands, product of the retention of liquids. To reduce discomfort at night, you should avoid pressing your hands and wrists; While in the day it is advisable to wear wristbands, or try to keep your hands stretched.

Diet and feeding for the pregnant

The growth of the brain and the maturation of the nervous system mark the growth of the baby and, therefore, it is essential that you take maximum care of your diet at this stage.

The basis of food should be carbohydrates (pasta, rice, whole grains and fiber) and it is also essential to include proteins (egg, meat and fish), limit the consumption of fats (sausages, sausages, hamburgers ...), Take 2 to 4 pieces of fruit daily to ensure adequate intake of vitamins and minerals, increase the consumption of dairy products and derivatives, and vegetables and fruits. And drink at least 2 liters of water to maintain a proper state of hydration.

Curiosities of week 33 of pregnancy

Our dreams can be a reflection of the fears, anguish and fears we have in pregnancy. It is usual to dream that you neglect your baby, that you are not capable of taking care of him and that you can not take him because you are afraid of hurting him. This means the responsibility of motherhood, everything that comes with being a mother and the responsibility you assume when having to care for and raise a baby that depends so much on you.

Dreaming of the moment of birth, reflects the fear of the unknown, the pain of contractions and the incentive to know if everything will go well. It is also common to hear that our baby is born with some malformation, due to the desire that the baby be born healthy and without any problem. Dreaming of a new life or the sex of the baby is also common and is due to all the questions and questions we ask ourselves during the 9 months of pregnancy.