In this situation, when you face a child who practices a sport and is also part of a football team, the important thing is not to fall into the error of pressing, demanding or frustrating him. Therefore, in we give you 10 tips for parents of soccer players. Useful tips for parents o

Activities for babies and children in the water

All the stimuli that the baby receives during the first months of life, make a lot of sense for him, since they are very important for his development and growth. The game is the first stimulation activity for babies. Through the game, you can interact and communicate with them. Therefore, it is ver

Athletics for children

Athletics is a sport that includes a series of activities that take place both outdoors and on the indoor track. The categories of athletics are several: races, throws, jumps, combined events, running and marathon . It is one of the few sports that is practiced all over the world and whose origins g

Benefits of Capoeira for children

In addition to the body, Capoeira also helps children exercise their mind. By stimulating children's perception, they work on their abilities and abilities to interpret and organize information, which is very important in this phase in which they are in the process of building knowledge about themse

Children's capoeira. Multicultural sports for children

More and more children are choosing capoeira to practice sports. In reality, capoeira is much more than a sport, it is a Brazilian cultural manifestation that mixes art and struggle, and that in practice is made under the sound of musical instruments such as the berimbau (photo), the tambourine and

Hockey for boys and girls. A sport that promotes equality

Hockey is a sport in which two teams compete to put a puck in the opposite goal with the help of a stick or stick. There are three modes of play: on skates, on grass or on ice. It is not one of the most popular sports for children, but it is one of the few sports that does not distinguish between se

Learning materials for babies in the pool

For babies to learn to stay afloat in the water and master the aquatic environment, it is advisable to use different elements or learning materials. Each one is specific to each stage of learning, they must be organized and they are evolutionary. Cruz Lobo Sanz, monitor of the Baby Swim pool in Madr

Matronation, games of affection in the water

In the company of mom or dad, the baby learns to float in the water through a series of games of affection in the water, in which the physical contact, the caresses and the exchange of looks and smiles stimulate him in all aspects. Matronation is a unique experience, an opportunity to strengthen the

Sports psychomotricity exercises with balls and music for children

Child psychomotricity is based on being aware of the movement and trying to give importance to each of these movements so that children can explore, get excited and relate better to the world that surrounds them . Music contributes to further development in this process. Benefits of music in the psy

Scuba diving or diving for children

If there is a place where children enjoy is at sea. In addition to having fun on the beach and swimming, the underwater world attracts the attention of any child. Can you imagine what you can find immersing yourself underwater? Without a doubt, scuba diving is one of the most magical experiences tha

Babies in the water. How to learn to swim

Many parents worry that their children do not know how to defend themselves in the water, which can endanger their lives, so one of the lessons that children should learn is learn to swim. Cruz Lobo Sanz, Child Education and Aquatic Activity Monitor at the Baby Swim pool in Madrid, explains how babi

Babies in the water. Material needed

The safety of babies and children in the pool is a concern of parents. Learning how to defend oneself in the water is one of the teachings that begins to be done at younger ages, not only because of the benefits of swimming for the baby, but also to avoid unnecessary dangers and, for this, the monit

The benefits of water polo in children

One of the best sports for children and adults is swimming, whose benefits are well known. However, swimming can be a bit boring for children who prefer team sports where they share emotions with their peers and develop competitiveness against the rival team. If you are looking for the best sport fo

The baby's first contact with water

The baby's first contact with water must be special for him and his parents. They are the only ones who can give you the security and confidence you need to adapt to a new environment that, on the other hand, is familiar to you. Cruz Lobo Sanz, monitor of Children's Aquatic Education and Activity of

The practice of Capoeira for children

The practice of Capoeira must be compatible with the level of motor development of each child, that is, according to the age, abilities and capacity of each one. Capoeira classes, for both boys and girls, usually follow a specific training program, according to the age range in which they are. Capoe

What is psychoballet for children

If we often talk about the need for children to practice sports, today we discover a different discipline that unites sports, the performing arts and piscotherapy and that is mainly aimed at children with behavioral problems and children with physical or mental disabilities. What is psychoballet Psy

Martial arts for boys and girls

The martial arts are one of the most popular sports among boys and girls. Many parents take their children to perform judo, karate or taekwondo as an extracurricular activity since there are many benefits they bring in childhood . Teach children values ​​such as discipline, respect, trust, self-cont