Travel to Athens with children, a guide for the whole family

A cradle of democracy, theater, justice and philosophy, Athens is the epicenter of the modern world, the most important city in the development of humanity; a place of great attraction for young and old for what it was, what it represents and what it is today. Touring the monuments, museums or emble

10 Destinations to travel with children

Traveling with children can be a challenge for some parents. Choose the ideal para destination for the family , prepare suitcases, take a kit, get on the plane or train with the children ... The trip can become a stress and a real headache for parents if you go blind, but well organized , it can be


To the mountain and you had to turn around after five minutes because the child was asking you every minute "momáááá, how much is left ?, or" I get bored "," I have piss "," I'm hungry "...? One imagines that we are going to take a family outing as explorers, and it ends up being a family of ogres,

12 Summer camp things you should know before sending your child

Before sending your child to a summer camp, keep these tips in mind. From ensuring which company organizes it to what activities your child can do ... Here you have up to 12 questions that you should ask yourself when choosing the best summer camp for your child. 12 questions to choose the best summ

Accommodation and restaurants in Paris with children

When it comes to organizing a trip to Paris, accommodation is one of the most important factors to consider, especially if we decide to travel with children. The kids need us to take care of all the details of our trip. That is why it is important to choose a hotel or apartment that is suitable for

Children's amusement parks in Madrid

The best bet when talking about leisure with children are the amusement parks . If you are planning a trip to Madrid as a family you can not miss some of the options in this guide of leisure parks for children. has selected the best children's amusement parks in Madrid to spend unfo

Change of country or city for children

Currently, there are many families who are experiencing a dramatic situation, as a result of the economic crisis in which we are immersed, and who see no other way out than emigrating to other countries . It is not the same to emigrate an adult alone, or a couple, than to do it when they already hav

Museums for children in London

Museums can be entertaining for children if we give them the right approach. On a trip to London we can find museums for children with whom they will not only learn but they will have a different and fun time. The best museums in London London is a great city, and in it you can find museums dedicate

Free areas for children on planes and trains, is it discriminatory?

Some time ago, a piece of news broke out that unleashed a wave of comments about trips with children. And, since 2011, an Asian airline, Malasya Airlines, does not admit babies in first class and in 2012 gave an order not to reserve seats in the upper floor of its Jumbo to children under 12 years. T

Hotels and restaurants for children in Rome

Finding hotels for families can be a long task, because they have to adapt to the needs of children, and the same happens with food and restaurants. Here are some tips to choose the best accommodation in Rome. There are many different options that adapt to what suits us, depending on whether we trav

Hotels and restaurants in London for children

On a trip to London with children, it is convenient to prepare early on such matters as flight or accommodation. You have to make sure that the hotel will have adequate facilities and offers for children and babies. The same goes for restaurants, since when children start to get tired it is better t

Hotels to stay with children on holidays

Holidays are one of the most anticipated dates for everyone, including the smallest of the house. When traveling with children you must take into account the needs of your age, especially when choosing the right hotel to stay as a family. For this reason, it is important to follow some advice that w

How should summer homework be for children

With two months of free time ahead, is it good to put homework on children? Every year, parents and teachers debate about the excess or lack of duties of the children , both during the school year and during the holidays. Should school responsibilities also be maintained during the summer? Before lo

How to choose a children's camp for vacations

Children's school hours are very different from those of adults, so concilarity is not easy on many occasions. If throughout the year it is already complicated, when the holidays arrive it is still more difficult. Children have long holiday periods and parents who work outside the home only have a f

How to get there and move around Brussels with children

Traveling requires some planning, especially if it is done with children. Therefore, we show you the various transportation options so that you can choose the most appropriate one for your case. Brussels is a very comfortable destination both to get there by road or by air, and to get around the cit

How to get to Berlin traveling with children

The option of traveling to Berlin by road is discarded, unless it is from the bordering countries, since for example a journey by car from Spain would take us about 20 hours. Too much for a trip with children. The best option to travel with children to Berlin is, therefore, the plane. Once there, we

How to get to Copenhagen traveling with children

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is a dynamic, cosmopolitan, modern and very beautiful city. The best way to travel to Copenhagen with children is by plane. The airport is very close to the city center and very well connected. Danish transport is very effective, although expensive. Rent a bicycle

How to get to Dublin traveling with children

If you are going to travel to Dublin with children you will need to know what is the best way to get there. It's easy: the most comfortable and fastest is the plane. Luckily, in addition, it is not an expensive destination since it is the seat of several low cost airlines. Before arriving in Dublin,

How to get to Lisbon traveling with children

The plane or the train are the most comfortable transports to get to Lisbon with children, but they are not the only ones. Many of the families who travel to the Portuguese capital do so in their own vehicle. In Lisbon, take the Santa Justa elevator, one of the funiculars of the city and the mythica

How to get to London traveling with children

To travel to London with children you have many options, depending on your city of origin. But whether by plane, car or boat, here is a guide to London where we recommend the best route. It is also important that you know how to move around the city, it is important to plan the routes of the visits