7 Reasons why not wearing heels in pregnancy

Being pregnant does not mean having to give up fashion or feel beautiful. The future moms can follow the trends, adapt their new figure to the clothes that they like the most and keep on dressing to express their personality. However, in relation to footwear the situation changes, since it is not ad

Hair accessories for girls

What accessories can we use to make hairstyles for girls? The children's hairdresser 'Mis Pelitos' presents different ideas of accessories to decorate girls' hair . Beautiful, romantic and ideal complements so that the girl looks very pretty.

Advantages and disadvantages of dressing like twins

Dressing equal to twin boys or better differentiate them through clothing is a fashionable debate for mothers who had a twin pregnancy. As for children's clothing , we need to think about the advantages and disadvantages of having two twin brothers always look the same considering that they are phys

Hairstyle ideas with braids for girls

If you are looking for a simple hairstyle, quick to make, easy and with which your girl will be beautiful, recommends you to try with braids. Braids give a lot of play when making hairstyles, there are side, root, double ... you can use on many occasions, such as sports, going out t

Hairstyle ideas for girls at Christmas

Christmas is the most beautiful and tender time of the year, and they are very special dates to get the best clothes and experiment with fashion and beauty. For that reason, nothing better than to take advantage of the Christmas holidays to make funny hairstyles to our daughters, like bows, braids,

How to care for the hair of girls with long hair

Children's hair is the most delicate since its birth. Since they are babies, the scalp is the most delicate, so it is very important to always keep it healthy and strong. Although it is necessary to be careful with all types of hair , in the case of girls who usually wear hair, it is necessary to ta

How to dress during pregnancy in summer

If there is something that worries almost all future moms is their appearance during pregnancy . Beyond aesthetic issues or preventive treatments to recover the figure after childbirth, we refer to another fundamental issue: that of clothes to wear during pregnancy. The premamá garments are increasi

The good and the bad of accessories for baby hair

There are many dads and moms who want to adorn the heads of babies with hair ornaments. There are all kinds of accessories to put on the hair of newborns and also babies of several months. Headbands, bows, small crowns sin ... however, not all are suitable for children of such a young age. In Guiain

Videos of hairstyles for girls at Christmas

From the famous Frozen braid (one of the children's favorite cartoon films) to an elegant braid at heart. Learn how to make reco these children's collections in a simple way. They are ideal for parties, such as Christmas. With these video tutorials you will not have problems to learn how to make a p

What clothes feel good to pregnant women?

For future moms, clothes during pregnancy is something very important. Beyond comfort, it is also logical that pregnant women want to be beautiful and not be swollen before welcoming their baby. Choosing the clothes that you feel best during pregnancy is essential to get the right thing with each on