10 Gifts for the First Communion of children

First Communion is a very special party for children. For a day they feel the absolute protagonists of a religious festival that usually culminates with a great celebration that includes friends and family. On such a date you can not miss the gifts. The First Communion gifts can be traditional or mo


Baptism comes from Christianity, but it is also the occasion to meet with family and friends to celebrate the arrival of the baby. Memories of the baby's baptism The reasons why the parents decide to baptize their baby are born. usually, of a religious issue. For the Catholic Church, it is a formal

12 Ideas to celebrate Easter with the children

The Easter holidays are an ideal time to do many activities with the children. You can take advantage of those days without school to leave home and enjoy the countryside or the beach, or if the weather does not accompany, have a good time with your family at the cinema or in your own home. How to h

7 Curious things you do not know about Halloween

The Halloween party is an Anglo-Saxon tradition that has already broken borders and is celebrated in different parts of the planet. Children from all over the world disguise themselves during the night of the deceased and go out to ask for sweets for their neighborhood. It is possible that, despite

Activities with children at Easter

Easter and Easter are a time of celebration in many countries that includes free time to take advantage of the family and to organize activities to do with children, from trips to homemade crafts like the decoration of Easter eggs . After the long Lent, Holy Week is one of the most important religio

Baby Christening Ideas

The christening of babies is one of the most important acts for families with religious beliefs. It could be defined as the presentation of your child before God, that is why many families choose to dress their little one with the best clothes, so that they are radiant at the moment of receiving the

Baptize the baby. How to organize a baptism

The birth of a baby is accompanied by a series of paperwork and paperwork that must be done to register it in the civil registry. It is about incorporating the newborn as a member of society. In addition, there is another tradition that Catholic families carry out for the baby to enter as a member o

Baptize the baby. What is baptism? Celebrations? Baptism is a rite within the Christian community that has a history and meaning beyond the family celebration. Baptism is a word that comes from the Greek and means

. Some religions use the bath ritual as a symbol of purification, even the Jewish religion, at the time of Jesus, used water as a sign to cleanse sins. It is a Christian ceremony that has its origin in the baptism of Jesus. According to the scriptures, John immerses him in the Jordan River and it is

Bun with spider donut for Halloween. Children's hairstyles

Among the accessories for your daughter's Halloween costume, you can not miss a good hairstyle . In this case, we propose you to make a fun spider collection using a bun with donut, this thicker rubber that serves to make the bun more easily. To make mo this bun with spider donut for Halloween you w

Canapés mummies for children's Halloween

These mummies canapés are ideal for a snack or for the children's Halloween party. A recipe that can also be prepared with the help, participation and collaboration of the youngest members of the household. A fun and simple recipe, and at the same time healthy for children. An easy recipe, which chi

The carnival and its meaning for children

The carnival is the quintessential party that most children enjoy the most in the house, but also, it can be fun for the whole family. Children and adults have enough reasons on this date to dress up and have a great time . In Carnival, children can be others for a day and have fun imitating their f

Carnival, Carnival. Song for your son's costume party

If we told you to think about a Carnival song, what would it be? Surely this song has gone through your mind quickly. Without a doubt it is the song of Carnival par excellence, the same one that the singer Georgi Dann popularized so many years ago. Enjoy with your child the song 'Carnival, Carnival'

Carnival crafts for children

Children love to dress up and Carnival is a perfect time to do it. You do not need to invest a lot of money in costumes and accessories, with these ideas that te te offers you and you want to make homemade crafts, you can create your own costumes at home. We teach you how to make ha

Children on the Day of the Dead in Mexico

Impressed and pleasantly surprised I stayed yesterday when I saw how the Day of the Dead in Mexico vive is lived. The cemeteries are a real spectacle of color, celebration and tribute to the dead. The tombs are dressed with flowers of different colors, bows and gala bands to give a goodbye or even I

Children's gifts for Father's Day

The calendar is full of dates to give: Valentine's Day, Christmas, a birthday, the communion of children, father's day, mother's day , and even, many people have the tradition of giving for the saint's day. If we begin to add up what all these gifts of our couple, our children, our parents, friends

Crunchy caramel and chocolate apples

Not to neglect healthy food, even at parties, these crispy apples are a good choice. Covered with chocolate and caramel have a crunchy point and the sweetness necessary to conquer the children. This way they will not lack their fruit ration among so many Halloween sweets, next to the apple they form

Decoration for the children's Halloween party

Decorating the house for a Halloween party to children and their friends is more fun and entertaining than we can imagine. It takes more imagination and fantasy than material. You can decorate the house with Halloween drawings , made or colored by children, with crafts made with balloons or recycled

Easy Halloween recipes for children

Halloween is a very special and desired party for children. A traditional festival but, although it has been celebrated for a short time, has generated a lot of interest among children and adults, that is why in we offer you some easy Halloween recipes for children. The Halloween pa

Essential accessories for First Communion

There is no doubt: First Communion of a child is a very special and indicated date for the whole family. Therefore, months before we must choose not only the place where we will be with our loved ones celebrating the event , but also the styling of the protagonist of the day. Apart from the costume

Father's Day. History and origin

The Father's Day is celebrated in many countries and is remembered throughout the world on very different dates. The idea of ​​celebrating Father's Day came up in 1910 , and was led by Smart Dood , an American who tried, in some way, to make the role of parents in society prominent, especially those