Common mistakes when carrying children and babies in the car

Day by day we find ourselves with a sad reality, car accidents take many lives, some of them children. In all countries to a greater or lesser extent, there is an official regulation regarding the safety of children's cars. Increasingly, parents are aware of the need to take the child in the car wit

Scuba glasses: 5 reasons why your child should use them

We care about protecting the eyes of children from the sun's rays and look for the best glasses, with protection against all types of sun rays, including the ultraviolet. But, when we go with the children to the beach and the pool, they spend most of their time in the water. Do we monitor the protec

Teach the child to treat the subject of lice naturally

Having lice or nits is something very normal in children during the school stage, so much so that it is estimated that during a school year, 1 in 5 children will have had pediculosis. Despite all the existing information, for many parents it is still a taboo and they hide the fact with the consequen

The Münchhausen syndrome and children

The child does not complain, but his mother or father takes him constantly to the hospital. Think you are sick. But the doctor is not able to find his ailment. Maybe your mother or father is faking the symptoms of a disease to get attention or even to hide an abuse. But it may also be that you think

Treatment of high blood pressure in children

That a child has hypertension does not mean that it will imminently trigger life-threatening problems. He is young and has his whole life ahead of him. So you have to get down to work to prevent that annoying cardiovascular risk factor called hypertension (HTA) stop persecuting our son. 4 measures t

How to avoid the spread of salmonella in children

Salmonellosis is a food intoxication caused by the ingestion of food or drinks contaminated with Salmonella. This bacterium is found naturally in the environment, and also in the feces of animals and humans, so it can be present in fruits and vegetables naturally, since they are in contact with the

Causes of sudden weight loss in children

Weight loss in children is always a concern, except when it is prescribed and controlled by a doctor, in cases of overweight. Po that, if you observe a drastic and inexplicable loss of weight, it is better to consult with the pediatrician. Causes of weight loss in children Weight loss or sudden weig

10 Actions to prevent childhood obesity

Childhood obesity is one of the most serious public health problems of the 21st century. The problem is global and although it can affect all social strata, it occurs especially in low and middle income countries. It is estimated that in 2017 there are 42 million overweight children around the world

10 Basic hygiene care for the baby

The baby, especially in its first weeks of life, requires basic care and attention for their well-being. Bathe him, cure his navel, cut his nails so that he does not get hurt, always have a dry diaper, take care of his delicate skin or clean his nose, are some of the basic hygiene measures to take c

10 Clues to differentiate a cold from an allergy in children

Many parents are concerned if their child's respiratory symptoms are due to an infectious cause (catarrh), or if it could be due to an allergy . Then we give you 10 clues to differentiate a cold from an allergy in children . You will see how you learn to distinguish them. The 10 clues to differentia

10 Dangerous infusions for the baby

When babies get sick, mothers can choose to provide them with natural remedies that often, without knowing it, harm the child more instead of helping him. The desire to find the most "natural" for the baby is not always the best option, since many herbs can have side effects. Do not forget that many

10 Mistakes when applying sunscreen to children

We know that sun protection is very important to protect the delicate skin of children, but in addition to our good intention, we must know how to do it correctly. It seems simple, but we often forget some basic rules. Parents make some mistakes when applying sunscreen to children . Here are some Pa

10 False myths about child autism

Autism is technically known as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and, although there are many and varied symptoms, the most common and known refers to the ability they have Autistic children to interact and communicate with others. More than 100 years ago, people started talking about autism, and yet t

10 False myths about respiratory infections in children

Throughout the autumn and winter months, respiratory infections in children increase their incidence. Despite its high frequency in children, it is common for us to find false myths to address its management. Below we discuss some of the most frequent errors and false beliefs. Ten wrong beliefs abou

10 Home remedies for stomach acidity in children

Children can also suffer from stomach acidity also called gastroesophasic reflux . This occurs when the child's food, liquids, or stomach acid return to the esophagus. To deal with this ailment in addition to seeing the pediatrician as soon as we observe the first symptoms such as vomiting or swallo

10 Home remedies to combat pollen allergy

Pollen allergy or seasonal allergic rhinitis is one of the most common allergies in childhood. It is a reaction to the pollen that plants, flowers and herbs release into the air and cause uncomfortable and annoying symptoms in children and adults. The seasonal allergy usually makes its appearance in

10 Ideas to prevent foot odor in children

When the child's feet sweat provides an environment conducive to the multiplication of bacteria that love dark and damp places. These bacteria are the cause of the bad smell, and can cause infections in the feet if they do not fight. In addition, the bad smell can be aggravated due also to metabolic

10 Keys to prevent a child from drowning

Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death in children between 5 and 14 years of age worldwide. It only takes 27 seconds for a child to lose control in the water, and between 3 and 5 minutes for him to drown. To avoid an accident of this kind, parental supervision is essential. Write down the

10 Mistakes of parents in the development of children's speech

Parents anxiously await the first words of the baby, an event that is full of hope and that is relayed to the whole family with great joy. In the babbling of the baby, many parents already try to find a familiar sound in which they glimpse a word. Babies will learn to talk during the first two years

10 Myths and truths about childhood fever

Fever helps our body fight against infections, in fact it is a good sign because the child's immune system is working. However, pediatricians often accuse parents of fever or fear of fever. In we help you to know more about fever and to demystify the beliefs that run about it. Infan