Aromatic coffee ice cream, easy recipe

The coffee ice cream is a good recipe for children, it allows them to collaborate in the kitchen making a rich and creamy dessert that can be a surprise for friends or family if we organize a picnic or dinner with the family. For children it is very fun to learn to make some simple meals, and most o

Avocado ice cream. Dessert or snack for children

The avocado is a tropical fruit that has a rich flavor and a very creamy texture. Therefore it is ideal to be used in sweet or salty recipes. has prepared a recipe that besides being easy and quick to prepare, is delicious: avocado ice cream . Avocado brings many benefits for childr

Homemade ice cream recipes for children

When the first hot days start to come in, the children are encouraged and we start preparing activities outside the home for the whole family. In order not to neglect the children's snack, we suggest you prepare some ice cream recipes. Ice cream recipes for children are very easy to prepare, they al

Japanese cheese cake with three ingredients

If you like cheese and you are sweet, you will love the recipe of this Japanese cake. You only need three ingredients. It is very simple to make and it will be an ideal dessert or a fantastic snack. You only need eggs, cream cheese and white chocolate. The result is a very yellow and very tasty chee

Gelatin with fruit juice for children

We propose a healthy and light snack for the hottest summer days. It can also be an excellent dessert. Best of all, it offers hydration and provides very few calories. It is a jelly with orange juice . If your child likes raspberries, blackberries or watermelons more, you can try changing the fruit.

Macedonia of tropical fruits. Recipes for children

The fruit is an ideal food: refreshing, healthy, colorful ... it has a large amount of water, so it is appreciated in times of heat. In addition, it is one of the best sources of vitamins, vital for the growth of our children. Ma The fruit salad is a cheerful combination of fruits that has the best

Recipes with bananas for children and pregnant women

Why should children and pregnant women take bananas? The answer is very simple regarding children: besides being an easy fruit to eat for them and that they can also take it alone when they are learning to eat autonomously, it has many nutrients. As for pregnant women, it will help prevent the uncom

Snail cookies with cocoa cream, Nutella or Nocilla for children

Snail, cabbage, cabbage, take out your horns in the sun, that your father and your mother already took them out ... Do you remember this song? Who could imagine that one day the children would eat a sweet, chocolate-flavored snail? Well here we have this exquisite and curious recipe for snail cookie

10 Banana powers in the diet of babies and children

The banana is one of the most consumed fruits in the world, is present in the diet of babies since they start with complementary feeding and experts tell us that be part of the diet of children and adults. But, what has the banana that makes it so special ?, What hidden powers are so good for health

10 Benefits of breastfeeding for the baby and her mother

Normal.dotm 0 0 1 62 355 Polegar Medios S.L.N.E. 2 1 435 12.0 0 false 21 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false false Breast milk is the best food you can give your baby , because thanks to its multiple properties can provide benefits both short and long term. Also, its advantages are not reflected only in chi


Although this form of accident is much less frequent than others (such as traffic accidents or drownings), then we will remind you ten foods can cause choking in children son, are foods that have proven to be more dangerous in this regard. With this, we want to warn you to put all the possible preca

10 Foods for good brain development of children

According to science, 85 percent of brain growth occurs during the first three years of life and at 6 years is at 90 percent of its final size. Carrying a balanced and varied diet for children is essential during this stage of growth, therefore, in we reveal some foods that are good

10 Foods that should not be missing in the baby's diet

With the arrival of the baby, as parents, we plan to always offer the best possible food. It is clear that first colostrum and then breast milk are the most complete foods for the newborn and up to at least 6 months, but what happens when the baby begins with complementary feeding? When starting com

10 Foods that stimulate the growth of children

Food is basic to help the body grow and develop. The height that the child will have is determined largely by genetics, however, bad habits or a deficit of food can affect the child's height. If we want the child to grow up correctly, we must carefully select the foods he or she drinks. There are, t

10 Infallible tips for children to become fond of eating vegetables

Vegetables are one of the great workhorses of the pediatric age. While there are children who enjoy eating them, it is true that many are a real headache. And there is a dissociation between the sanitary recommendation (vegetables are a splendid source of fiber, minerals and vitamins) and the taste

10 Superfoods that we should include in our diet

When it comes to establishing what to eat, it is quite common for us to get carried away by topics, and everything that has to do with good nutrition, in which we do not leave the typical regime with which we feel healthy and beautiful but that is quite boring. If we want to innovate while nurturing

3 Stressful situations with easy-to-feed children

Feeding of older infants ranges from when supplementary feeding begins to introduce or is relatively established and their base diet stops being milk, until they eat the same as the rest of the family. It is a time when we are establishing food habits and routines hitherto unknown to the baby, so it

5 Doubts about lactose intolerance in children

Lactose intolerance is a digestive problem that occurs when lactose is not digested, a particular type of sugar present in milk and dairy products. The most frequent symptoms of this intolerance include gas and flatulence, diarrhea and pain or cramps in the stomach. Symptoms usually appear within a

5 Foods to stimulate the brain of children

Eating a healthy and balanced diet is always the best way for our children to have a good dose of energy both physically and mentally, but especially in seasons of stress, exams, or towards the end of the course, when fatigue takes its toll and the need for a vacation is evident in the little ones.

5 Healthy children desserts to get out of the routine

It is clear that dessert is one of the attractions of meal times, and children are always waiting for something sweet as a final culmination, but it is also proven that Sugar is the number one enemy in childhood. In an attempt to avoid offering sugar-laden desserts to our children, we may be limited