9 Weeks of pregnancy

Normally, in the ninth week of pregnancy you have already seen the doctor who will have done a medical history and asked you for a blood and urine test. The gynecologist will carry your pregnancy throughout the pregnancy and you can consult any doubt, fear or problem that comes up. We recommend that

Normally, in the ninth week of pregnancy you have already seen the doctor who will have done a medical history and asked you for a blood and urine test. The gynecologist will carry your pregnancy throughout the pregnancy and you can consult any doubt, fear or problem that comes up. We recommend that you write down all your questions in a calendar so that none of them remain in the inkwell.

Changes in the body of the pregnant woman

During the first phase of pregnancy is when there is a higher risk of spontaneous abortion. After the first trimester of pregnancy, this risk decreases, in any case the symptoms for which you should go to the emergency room are: bleeding with abdominal pain, fever or previous abortion in which there is bleeding.

Another of the changes that occur in your body and that you might notice in the ninth week of pregnancy is excessive sensitivity to odors or hyperosmia. Some women become nauseous in the face of this new olfactory ability because they perceive odors excessively. Others, however, completely lose the sense of taste and smell due to congestion of the nasal passages.

The changes in the chest are becoming more evident, in addition to the increase in the volume of the breasts, you will feel tingling or heat, you will notice sensitivity in the breasts and the darker areola. In addition, a whole series of bluish veins are visible below the skin. The breast is prepared to feed the baby.

Development and growth of the baby during pregnancy

The embryo is already 7 weeks old, measures between 2 and 3 centimeters and weighs around 40 grams. You still can not feel it, but it already makes small movements. The size of his head remains disproportionate compared to the rest of the body. The eyes of your baby in this ninth week of pregnancy are close to final supposition and his arms and legs lengthen, so that his appearance is more like that of a human.

The organs continue to develop: the kidneys can produce urine, the liver secretes bile and the pancreas can produce insulin. Your nervous and muscular system is in the process of formation. The beat of your heart is very fast, between 160 and 170 beats per minute. Through ultrasound you can listen to it.

Your genitals are still not appreciated so it is still early to know if you are expecting a boy or girl.

Health and emotions during pregnancy

Your back will be subjected to a great effort throughout the 40 weeks of pregnancy. Many pregnant women complain of lumbar or back pain throughout pregnancy. It is due to two causes: the weight gained by the body in a short time and the growth of the uterus causes the vertical column to move forward. There are certain exercises or gymnastics that you can do to strengthen your back or resort to massage to relieve pain.

In this week nine of pregnancy you might feel more bloated. It is normal to have flatulence or gas during pregnancy. Progesterone, a hormone present during pregnancy, can cause these symptoms and others such as: heartburn and constipation. To alleviate these discomforts avoid foods that produce gas, avoid carbonated beverages, chew food slowly and do not make hearty meals.

For good health during pregnancy it is advisable to walk every day for at least half an hour. The simple fact of walking will bring benefits such as: increase energy, reduce stress, improve the circulation of hands, feet or reduce back pain. Remember to always carry a bottle of water in your walks to be hydrated.

Diet and diet for the pregnant woman

Avoid introducing excessive amounts of caffeine into your diet, even though it is not forbidden during pregnancy, a high level of caffeine can cause harm to the baby. An adequate amount would be 300 milligrams a day. Remember that caffeine is not only found in coffee, but also in many soft drinks, chocolate or medications.

You must incorporate vitamin C into your diet, essential during pregnancy from now, in your 9th week of gestation. Vitamin C will help the development of the baby's bones and the formation of teeth and skin. Because of its anti-infective properties, it can destroy any free radical that attempts to damage cells. Vitamin C will also be good for you to avoid anemia. You can find this supplement especially in fruits: tangerines, oranges, kiwis, mangoes, strawberries, etc.

There are also foods that you should avoid during pregnancy. Do not drink milk or unpasteurized cheeses because you could get listeria, a bacteria that could cause harm to the baby. Do not introduce raw eggs to your diet to avoid salmonella and, above all, if you have been negative in the toxoplasmosis test or you still do not have the results, do not eat foods from animals that are little or not cooked at all: sausages , pates and meats or raw fish.

A healthy diet is always important, but especially in pregnancy. In your diet there must always be fruits and vegetables that will provide you with vitamins and fiber, legumes, meats and fish because they are rich in nutrients and dairy products will give you the calcium you need.

Curiosities in week 9 of pregnancy

If you carry a normal pregnancy, without risks, there is no impediment for you to have sex with your partner. A normal sex life has no risks for the baby, since it is perfectly protected inside the uterus and the cervix is ​​sealed. The penetration in the coitus will not affect the fetus, since the amniotic fluid will also protect it.

However, in the first phase of pregnancy, your sexual desire may decrease. If in week nine of pregnancy your libido is lower than normal, do not worry. It is mainly associated with discomfort during this period, such as nausea, tiredness or drowsiness.

If your usual bra presses you, it's time to change it. You will need one generally one or two sizes larger than yours, preferably made of cotton and that does not have hoops so that you do not feel oppressed. Another measure that you can take to take care of the chest is to hydrate it from the beginning to avoid stretch marks and exercise with the pectoral muscles to keep the breast firm.