Security measures in Carnival children's costumes

Carnival is a fun time, but we should never overlook the safety of our children. Therefore, it is essential to review some basic rules to prevent problems with the disguise or the paintings we use to disguise our son. Not all costumes are safe. It requires a minimum of requirements. We help you asse

The 5 most popular Halloween crafts for children

Do you like to celebrate Halloween with children? If you are thinking of decorating the house in these dates in an original way, you will love our proposals: are the 5 most popular Halloween crafts for children . At least, the most successful ones in our YouTube channel. Pay attention, because they

Crafts for children of 5 years

In we show you ideal easy children's crafts for children of 5 years . These are crafts for very fun children to perform for the little ones are in the last cycle of early childhood education. The handicrafts help the child to gain dexterity with their hands, at a stage when they are

The best dads in children's films

The relationship between parents and children is the focus of many films. To celebrate Father's Day, or to spend an afternoon with the family, we propose some original films suitable for all audiences in which the protagonists are the parents. Films of adventure, animation, fantasy ... in all of the

The best pictures of Halloween costumes for children

Halloween is here, the most terrifying party of the year, and, together with the Verbaudet fashion brand, has prepared a magnificent contest with which you can win a gift certificate up to 150 euros to buy the best clothes for your children. Upload your child's picture and participa

The origin of costumes on Halloween night

Halloween night is a good occasion for children to dress in fear to scare or impress their friends and family. And how much more horrifying and spooky is the costume they choose for the Halloween night , the better, so they will leave their homes and, as tradition dictates, they will go out and ask

The Carnival calendar for children

To calculate the date on which Carnival is to be celebrated each year, we must take into account the religious origin of the Carnival. Thus, although it continues to be celebrated before Lent and the date on which the carnival will be celebrated is officially marked by the Catholic Church, the carni

The Easter rabbit, origin and tradition

Although the origins of the Easter rabbit are not very clear, it seems that the choice of the rabbit as a symbol to celebrate Easter is due to its known capacity for procreation, of great symbolic value in a festival dedicated to spring and the fertility of the land after winter. It has its origin i

The first 24 hours of a mother

Suddenly you see her. After nine months of waiting, of uncertainties and fears. Of sensations that you have never experienced before. And finally you have him in your arms. You are already a mother! Your first time, like all the first times, makes you "cry", "get excited" and "doubt", yes, doubt. An

The story of Carnival for children

Why is Carnival celebrated ? What is commemorated on this important date? Sometimes, in the eagerness to celebrate this fun party, we forget the true meaning of the celebration of carnivals around the world, a party of international character. In you will find the history of Carniva

The legend of the Easter rabbit

The Easter rabbit is one of the symbols of Holy Week, especially in the Anglo-Saxon countries, where it is very typical to give Easter eggs. It is even common to decorate and hide them. This game in which the children have to find the eggs that the Easter rabbit has left is fun for the children on E

The story of Mother's Day

The oldest celebration of Mother's Day is mythological. It began in ancient Greece, for the festivities in honor of Rhea , the mother of the Gods Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto. At the beginning of the seventeenth century England began to dedicate the fourth Sunday of Lent to all working mothers. On thi

Trick or treat. Games for children's Halloween

The Halloween party is one of the most popular celebrations in the United States. Year after year, it is spreading to other countries, and children became great protagonists. For them, it is another occasion to dress up, put on makeup and have fun causing fear among friends and neighbors. With the '

Tropical Country. Carnival song for children

The most popular Carnival is undoubtedly the one in Brazil. For that reason, many of their songs, although they are in Portuguese, have crossed borders. One of the most joyful and beautiful songs of Carnival is Tropical Country, a song full of rhythm and color. We offer you the version of the song o

Types of communion outfits for children

For children, the day of their First Communion is a very important date in the calendar, which is only lived once in a lifetime. For this reason, it is necessary that we choose your style with care for this day in question, since the photos will always be for the memory. Although girls find a greate

Handicraft videos for Carnival costumes

Carnival is a very special party for children , full of music and colors. It is a magical moment of the year, where every child can turn his dream of being a superhero, princess, or a feared jungle animal into reality thanks to a simple carnival costume and his enormous and valuable imagination. In

When Father's Day is celebrated in the world

We love family celebrations and we are looking forward to that special day that is Father's Day. We know that not in all parts of the world is celebrated the same day and each place has its particular way of paying homage to the father of the family. That's why we're going to celebrate Father's Day

When is Mother's Day

The day on which the Mother's Day holiday is celebrated varies according to the different countries. In most of the world it is celebrated in May , however, in a few countries the celebration is in October and even in December . Mother's Day has been celebrated for hundreds of years, already in anci

Why do we put on masks at Carnival?

Masks have been used since ancient times for practical and ceremonial purposes. The Greeks, the Egyptians and the Romans were the architects of this complement. During the Middle Ages, there was much fondness for costumes and masks, however, its greatest peak came with the Carnival of Venice . The m

Chinese stories. A children's story about sincerity

This story is ideal for reading to children. With him you can teach him values ​​as important as sincerity and family. And, the family is not only parents and children, grandparents play a very prominent role in the education of children because they can transmit great lessons. Grandfather Filomeno